CFL Fantasy Huddle - Week Four


This is the last week i am accepting new people into the fantasy pool, unless arrangements with me are get in this week if you are not, or else you are out for the season.

For those who are had a terrible week last week, but it's still close, pick it up!


[b]Who do you pick?
2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs/SBs, 2 DLs, 2 LBs, 2 DBs, 1 K

Points sytem:

1 point per rushing / receiving yard
1 point for every second passing yard
50 points per touchdown
-10 points per fumble
-25 points per INT thrown

10 points per tackle
25 points per sack
25 poits per INT
25 points per fumble recovery
50 points per touchdown
40 points for team shutout (minus one point for every point scored against)

Field Goal (under 50 yards) 30 points
Field Goal (over and including 50 yards ) 40 points
Single Point 10 points

New picks every week. If you dont submit your picks, the game manager will not assume you are keeping your picks the same. You will receive 0 point for that week.[/b]

QB – Greene, SSK
QB – Ray, EDM
RB – Reynolds, CAL
RB – Ranek, OTT
SB – Thurmon, SSK
SB – Thelwell, BC
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Maxie, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Mobley, EDM
DB – Wiltshire, EDM
DB – Boese, CAL

Hey I ended up second last week and now tenth overall (if u ask me thats pretty good lol) but for week 4 here we go.
QB's - Ricky Ray and Kerry Joseph
RB's - Troy Davis (hes gonna have a big game somewhere) and Josh Ranek
WR's/SB's - Jason Tucker and Jason Armstead
DL - Anthony Collier and Joe Montford
LB's - Agustin Barrenechea and Signor Mobley
DB's - Davis Sanchez and Wayne Shaw
K - Noel Prefontaine

hey, thanks to whoever made this a sticky

QB- Joseph
QB- Greene
RB- Roberts
RB- Holmes
WR- Copeland
WR- Moore
DL- Davis
DL- Jurineack
LB- Mitchell
LB- Hunt
DB- Hall
DB- Bush
K- McCallum

QBs - Ray, Greene
RBs - Holmes, Armstead
SB/WRs - Tucker, Copeland
DLs - Montford, Jurineack
LBs - Mobley, Mitchell
DBs - Bush, Wiltshire
K - Prefontaine

Hmmm, got my 13 darts outa the wall, so here we go again!

QB Ray & Dickenson
RB J. Reynolds & C. Holmes
WR Simon & Tucker
LB Eiben & Coe
DL Jurineack & Mountford
DB Sanchez & B. Miles
K Flemming

QB- Nealon Greene
QB- Ricky Ray
RB- Corey Holmes
RB- Antonio Warren
WR- Jason Tucker
SB- Travis Moore
DL- Terrell Jurineak
DL- Daved Benefield
LB- Kevin Eiben
LB- Reggie Hunt
DB- Davis Sanchez
DB- Davin Bush
PK- Paul McCallum (I won't give up on him while he still wears Green and White)

Go Riders!!

QB D Dickensen BCL
QB Ricky Ray EDM
RB Kenton Keith SSK
RB Josh Ranek OTT
WR Jeremaine Copeland CAL
SB Tucker
PK Noel Prefontaine TOR
LB Mike O'shea
LB Kevin Eiben
DL Benefield
DL Joe Monford
DB Amondo Curry
DB Kelly Wiltshire

Can anyone do this? I'd like to do it.

QB - Dave Dickenson (BC)
QB - Nealon Greene (Ssk)
RB - Troy Davis (Hml)
RB - Antonio Warren (BC)
WR/SB - Arland Bruce III (Tor)
WR/SB - Elijah Thurmon (Ssk)
DL - Jerome Haywood (Ott)
DL - Joe Montford (Edm)
LB - John Grace (Cgy)
LB - Scott Coe (Cgy)
DB - Malcolm Frank (Edm)
DB - Quincy Coleman (Ott)
KP - Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

gonna shake things up a bit this week: K:Prefontaine QB: Allen and Ray RB:Davis and Holmes WR/SB: Bruce and Copeland DL:Montford and Maxie LB: Eiben and Hunt DB: Wiltshire and Ivory

in the future argofan4life: can you arrange your picks like the others, it just makes it easier for me when i have to tally up the points

yup, just hop in.....

Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
Nealon Greene (Saskatchewan)

[u]Running Backs[/u]
Antonio Warren (BC)
Troy Davis (Hamilton)

[u]Wide Receiver/Slotback[/u]
Jason Tucker (Edmonton)
Arland Bruce III (Toronto)

Joe Montford(Edmonton)
Rashard Jeanty (Edmonton)

John Grace (Calgary)
Singor Mobley (Edmonton)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Malcolm Frank (Edmonton)
Clifford Ivory (Toronto)

Noel Prefontaine

QB Dave Dickenson (BC)
QB Ricky Ray (Edm)
RB Troy Davis (Ham)
RB John Avery (Tor)
WR/SB J. Tucker (Edm)
WR/SB C. simon (BC)
DL Rashard Jeanty (Edm)
DL Joe Montford (Edm)
LB Singor Mobley (Edm)
LB Scott Coe (Cgy)
DB Clifford Ivory (Tor)
DB Davis Sanchez (Edm)
K Noel Prefontaine (Tor)

QB - Ricky Ray - Edm
QB - Dave Dickenson - BC
RB - Antonio Warren - BC
RB - Josh Ranek - Ott
WR - Jason Tucker - Edm
WR - Travis Moore - Sask
DL - Joe Montford - Edm
DL - Terrell Jurineack - Sask
LB - Agustin Barrenechea - Ham
LB - AJ Gass - Edm
DB - Kelley Wiltshire - Edm
DB - Joey Boese - Cal
K - Sean Fleming - Edm
LB - John Grace
DB -

You’ll probably have to knock off one of your 3 linebackers superote.

... and he almost tried to add one more DB as well!... pfft! What Hugh Campbell will teach someone... Get yourself more players than needed just to be sure to win.... It's a sad era...

Wow! Ugly Picked Avery, He's Got Some Balls I'll Give Him That.

N. Greene
R. Ray

A. Warren
J. Ranek

J. Tucker
J. French

J. Montford
N. Davis (Assuming He's Playing)

S. Mobley
R. Hunt

M. Frank
K. Wiltshire

S. Feming

Hey Eskimos32001 Quick Question. How Does Updating Rosters Work?
Last Week I Made Two Changes To My Picks, One To The Oridginal And The Second I Made As A Seperate Post, How Do You Want Us To Notify You Of Changes?