CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Five

ok....get em in boys


[b]Who do you pick?
2 QBs, 2 RBs, 2 WRs/SBs, 2 DLs, 2 LBs, 2 DBs, 1 K

Points sytem:

1 point per rushing / receiving yard
1 point for every second passing yard
50 points per touchdown
-10 points per fumble
-25 points per INT thrown

10 points per tackle
25 points per sack
25 poits per INT
25 points per fumble recovery
50 points per touchdown
40 points for team shutout (minus one point for every point scored against)

Field Goal (under 50 yards) 30 points
Field Goal (over and including 50 yards ) 40 points
Single Point 10 points

New picks every week. If you dont submit your picks, the game manager will not assume you are keeping your picks the same. You will receive 0 point for that week.[/b]

Well, personnally, I wouldn't mind letting newcomers get in whenever they want. If they want to jump in the game knowing they can't win (because they have missed too many weeks) and just take part in the fun, why not. They could become addicted players for next year.

But really, since you do the job of tallying all the stats, that should be your call. More players is more job. So you should say when enough is enough.

My Picks
QB- Ray
QB- Dickenson
RB- Holmes
RB- Ranek
WR- Hervey
WR- Tucker
DL- Montford
DL- Canada
LB- Hunt
LB- Grace
DB- Lysack
DB- Morgan
K- DesAngelis

QB – Calvillo, MTL
QB – Ray, EDM
RB – Reynolds, CAL
RB – Ranek, OTT
SB – Cahoon, MTL
SB – Thelwell, BC
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Maxie, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Mobley, EDM
DB – Wiltshire, EDM
DB – Miles, B.C.

I Don't Think We Should Let Them In, Simply Because It'll Be To Much Work For Eski32001 And Many Of Them May Not Even Stick Around Long Enough To Make It Worth It, Plus It Means That Next Season It'll Create More Of And Urge For People To Signup Before The First Game.

A. Calvillo
D. Dickenson

T. Davis

J. Tucker
G. Simon

E. Philion
J. Montford

T. Strickland
AJ Gass

R. Karikari
B. Miles (B.C.)

D. O'Mahony

QB Ray & Dickenson
RB J. Reynolds & C. Holmes
WR Simon & Tucker
LB Hunt & Coe
DL Jurineack & Mountford
DB Morgan & B. Miles
K O'Mahony

Domigues 88.. Ed Hervey is questionable for the game with an injury. So is David Sanchez to anyone out there.

Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
Dave Dickenson (BC)

Antonio Warren (BC)
Charles Roberts (Winnipeg)

[u]Wide Receiver/Slotback[/u]
Jason Tucker (Edmonton)
Geroy Simon (BC)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton)
Rashad Jeanty (Edmonton)

AJ Gass (Edmonton)
John Grace (Calgary)

[u]Defensive Back[/u]
Malcolm Frank (Edmonton)
Baron Miles (BC)

Sean Fleming (Edmonton)

it seems pretty split on the leaning towards no cuz it makes more work for me...but im thinking maybe allowing one or two more weeks.

Well, at this point, there might not be more than one newbie, so you'll decide in due time.

QB - Ricky Ray
QB - Dave Dickenson
RB - Antonio Warren
RB - Corey Holmes
WR - Jason Tucker
WR - Geroy Simon
DL - Brent Johnson
DL - Joe Montford
LB - Barrin Simpson
LB - Duane Butler
DB - Kelly Malveaux
DB - Malcolm Frank
K - Sean Fleming

Season is past the one quarter mark. It's up to you, you can leave it open all season if you like but I would stop taking newcomers at this point.

QB- Ricky Ray EDM, Dave Dickenson BC
RB- Corey Holmes SSK, Joffrey Reynolds CGY
WR- Jason Tucker EDM, Trevor Gaylor EDM
DL- Joe Montford EDM, Anwar Stewart MTL
LB- Brian Clark CGY, Barrin Simpson BC
DB- Kelly Wiltshire EDM, LaDouphyous McCalla SSK
K- Sean Fleming EDM

QBs - Ray, Dickenson
RB - Holmes, Warren
SB/WR - Tucker, Simon
DL - Montford, Jurineack
LB - Hunt, Mobley
DB - Wiltshire, Miles
K - DeAngelis

QBs - Ray, Dickenson
RB - Holmes, Warren
SB/WR - Tucker, Simon
DL - Montford, Jurineack
LB - Hunt, Mobley
DB - Wiltshire, Miles
K - Sean Fleming

ro1313 - you must like my picks, eh? Cut and paste is a wonderful thing. . .Well, I guess you DID have a slight edit in there with your kicker. All in fun, of course. :smiley:

QB- Greene
QB- Dickenson
RB- Holmes
RB- Warren
WR- K. Bailey Ssk
WR- Simon
DL- Davis
DL- Jurineack
LB- Hunt
LB- Gass
DB- Bush
DB- Morgan
K- Macallum

Here are my picks for week 5:


Ricky Ray (Edmonton)
Anthony Calvillo (Montreal)


Corey Holmes (Saskatchewan)
Josh Ranek (Ottawa)


Geroy Simon (B.C.)
Jason Tucker (Edmonton)


Brent Johnson (B.C.)
Rashad Jeanty (Edmonton)


Agustin Barrenechea (Hamilton)
Ryland Wickmand (Winnipeg)


Wes Lysack (Winnepeg)
Renard Cox (Hamilton)


Sandro DeAngelis (Calgary)

QB- Nealon Greene (Sask)
Anthony Calvillo (Montreal)
RB- Corey Holmes (Sask)
Josh Ranek (Ottawa)
WR- Geroy Simon (B.C.)
Travis Moore (Sask)
DL-Brent Johnson (B.C.)
Terreal Jurienak (Sask)
LB- Agustin Barrenechea (Hamilton)
Ryland Wickmand (Winnipeg)
DB- Eddie Davis (Sask)
Davin Bush (Sask)
K-Paul McCallum (Sask)

QB - Dave Dickenson (BC)
QB - Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
RB - Antonio Warren (BC)
RB - Eric Lapointe (Mtl)
WR/SB - Jason Clermont (BC)
WR/SB - Derrel Mitchell (Edm)
DL - Joe Montford (Edm)
DL - Anwar Stewart (Mtl)
LB - Duane Butler (Mtl)
LB - Agustin Barrenechea (Hml)
DB - Kelly Malveaux (Mtl)
DB - Corey Banks (Ott)
K/P - Damon Duval (Mtl)


its fun to see how week after week people pick the same defensive players that always get under 50 points...and dont pick the offensive players that usually get over 100 points

i have all the weekly point trends...but im not giving them out, too much work

This is precisely why it would be a great idea to develop a way to post the whole thing.

Do you know the software Filemaker?