CFL Fantasy Huddle Week Fifteen

First game is Wednesday so I thought I'd get this started.

Extremely Short Week This Week So Everyone Needs To Make Sure They Get Their Picks In Quick.

Last Week I Had A Horrible Showing. 7 Of My 14 Picks Were On The Worst Team List. Thanks Very Much To Fooks For Putting That Together For Us.

R. Ray
D. Dickenson

J. Ranek
R McClendon

J. Tucker
G. Gaylor

N. Cantor
J. Montford

B. Simpson
M. Fletcher

R. Karikari

S. Flemming

QB Ray (Edm)
QB Calvillo (Mon)
RB Reynolds (Cal)
RB Holmes (Sask)
WR Tucker (Edm)
WR Watkins (Mon)
DL Perry (Sask)
DL Montoford (Edm)
LB Eiben (Tor)
LB Grace (Cal)
DB Sanchez (Edm)
DB Karikari (Mon)
K Duval (Mon)

QB's - Ricky Ray and Anthony Calvillo
RB's - Josh Ranek and Antonio Warren
WR's/SB's - Jason Tucker and Ryan Thelwell
DL - Anwar Stewart and Anthony Collier
LB's - Agustin Barrenechea and AJ Gass
DB's - Davis Sanchez and Richard Karikari
K - Duncan O'Maney

nice title roughyfan

QB Dickenson
QB Calvillo
RB Edwards
RB Holmes
WR Cahoon
WR Watkins
DL Perry
DL Montoford
LB Eiben
LB Grace
DB Sanchez
DB Karikari
K Duval

I hope you have a great week ro1313.

Cahoon is back?

Ya he has already played 2 games

probably shouldve been paying attention, havent had the time lately to watch every game

…….Picks for week 15:

QB – Ray, EDM
QB – Allen, TOR
RB – Reynolds, CAL
RB – Warren, BC
SB – Tucker, EDM
SB – Bruce, TOR
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Johnson, BC
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Gass, EDM
DB – Coleman, OTT
DB – Sanchez, EDM

QB Ray, Calvillo
RB Reynolds, Holmes
WR Tucker Thelwell
DL Mountford, Stewart
LB Grace, Eiben
DB Sanchez, Karikari
PK Duval

QBs - Ray, Dickenson
RBs - Edwards, Holmes
SB/WRs - Tucker, Bruce
DL - Montford, Perry
LB - Grace, Mobley
DB - Sanchez, Banks
K - Duval

Never picked Perry before - hope he doesn’t let me down. . .

I don't think anyone has picked Perry before and already this week 3 out of 7 have picked him.

.....odd that so many would pick him when never picking him before.....I just scrolled through the picks and you're right.....I'm kind of jumping on the bandwagon from his performance last week, though - he really stood out for me.....

Ricky Ray (Edmonton Eskimos)
Damon Allen (Toronto Argonauts)

John Avery (Toronto Argonauts)
Ron "Goldie" McClendon (Edmonton Eskimos)

Jason Tucker (Edmonton Eskimos)
Kerry Watkins (Montreal Allouettes)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton Eskimos)
James Cotton (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

Michael Fletcher (Toronto Argonauts)
John Grace (Calgary Stampeders)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Donny Brady (Edmonton Eskimos)
Clifford Ivory (Toronto Argonauts)

Damon Duval (Montreal Allouettes)

QB - Allen
QB - Calvillo
RB - Holmes
RB - Reynolds
Rec - Tucker
Rec - Thurmon
DL - Perry
DL - Cotton
LB -Hunt
LB - White
DB - Morgan
DB - E.Davis
K - O’mahoney


Changed Warren for Edwards.

game wednesday, get em in

QB - Ricky Ray
QB - Dave Dickenson
RB - Antonio Warren
RB - Dahrran Diedrick
WR - Jason Tucker
WR - Kerry Watkins
DL - Joe Montford
DL - Brent Johnson
LB - Barrin Simpson
LB - Kevin Eiben
DB - Kelly Malveaux
DB - Clifford Ivory
K - Sean Fleming