CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 8 & 9 - RESULTS

A tale of two weeks it seems. One was a bonanza of points and the other well...

RedandWhite has ridden Joseph and Burris to 2nd place. Quite a turnaround, Congrats. I will be accepting trades this week. See the week 10 thread for details.

Week 8 & 9
RedandWhite 1792
Eskylo 1788
Sambo42 1756
jm02 1607
Fooks 1606
roughyfan 1597
Boozers 1514
Halfback28 1495
Reggie78 1357
PegCityJets9 1336
Torontoismyhome 1281
bluereggie 1266
Sportsmen 1263
esks123 1203
geroy_simon_81 1159
Stadw0n306 1112
Als_All_The_Way 1074
Chief 809

Sambo42 11542
RedandWhite 11309
roughyfan 11297
jm02 11246
Fooks 11013
Boozers 10838
PegCityJets9 10759
Torontoismyhome 10683
Halfback28 10606
esks123 10472
Eskylo 10421
bluereggie 10325
Reggie78 10213
Sportsmen 10197
Als_All_The_Way 9733
geroy_simon_81 9484
Stadw0n306 9273
Chief 8582

Fantasy 'dream' Team
Burris 506
Joseph 344
Smith 252
Reynolds 192
Dominguez 171
Lewis 170
Stewart 122
Hunt 110
Simpson 92
O'Shea 85
Cody 93
Younger 75
Congi 120
Total 2332

Top Performers for the year (so far)
Burris 2213
Joseph 1913
Roberts 1407
Smith 1195
Stegall 848
Dominguez 784
Perry 716
Johnson 524
Simpson 816
Glatt 634
Cox 515
Davis 436
Congi 740

...having three rider fans at the top of the list was a sign of the Apocalypse...thankfully the end of the world has been temporarily averted...

4 out of the top 5 will have to do.

All right, so I sort of forgot about this league... but I'm back now and ready to make a comeback!

Watch out! :x

Jaysus....excellent week for me, and still finish only's it feel to be completely enveloped by so much Rider love there, Red? appropriate emoticon to use there Chief...the one that looks like it's taking a strenuous dump...

..I am like the cherry tomato in the salad....

After I make my trades, I will let ya choke on my dust.... :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I forgot to add-- in no way was this post meant to offend anyone with respitory problems...

Mock me all you like, but I'm not down and out yet! :smiley:

Oh, I'd definitely say you're down.....but I suppose that's what happens when you dress a tonne of injured guys, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I'd like to trade my 10917 points to Sambo for his 11542 points! 8) 8) 8)

Well, excuse me for thinking Dickenson might actually last a season. Rookie mistake on my part I guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I picked Dickie too, but you didn't see ME dressing him for nine consecutive weeks.....hmmm....who was it that did that again?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I couldn't exactly bench him. Who would I replace him with? McMahon? :lol:

So your darkhorse never really even got out of the stable,

No... :frowning: