CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 5 - RESULTS!

I'm on the road monday and as thus will only be able to post the results monday night. Sorry guys!

Sorry for the delay guys. A lot of distance between 1st, 2nd and the rest of the field. Injuries continue to take a toll. The player who can most field a complete team will have an advantage until the bye weeks.

Week 5 leaderboard
Third_And_Ten 1415
Kid_Wicked 1407
Sambo42 1373
RedandWhite 1368
Fooks 1362
jm02 1314
esks123 1260
Boozers 1218
roughyfan 1213
geroy_simon_81 1211
bluereggie 1170
NateB3 1163
canfootblogger 1137
Blue_Dragoon 1094
Halfback28 1047
Billy_Soup 987
Sportsmen 965
KK-FTW 943
milt-for-life 888
jordan02 836
Chief 727

Overall Leaderboard
RedandWhite 7241
Fooks 7132
Blue_Dragoon 6624
bluereggie 6590
Billy_Soup 6567
Sambo42 6495
Halfback28 6306
Third_And_Ten 6306
esks123 6296
roughyfan 6273
Sportsmen 6225
Kid_Wicked 6215
Boozers 6185
jm02 6068
geroy_simon_81 5939
KK-FTW 5461
NateB3 5266
Chief 5111
milt-for-life 5002
jordan02 4902
canfootblogger 4055

Week 5 Top Performers
Burris 324
Joseph 269
Cates 230
Smith 180
Lewis 184
Bruce 178
Romero 97
Belli 82
Fletcher 72
Knowlton 71
Wheaton 112
Goss 82
McCallum 180

Hmmm... R&W leading overall. Congrats to you, but there is something not quite right with that.... :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, you should never have a man wearing just a cod piece and a cape in first place

....cod piece, cape, cowboy boots....I don't see an issue here...

....bow before the Huddle master.....

Now that is a mental image I just did not need to see... :lol: :lol:

Is that image when R&W is sober or had too many? :lol:

Its the image I had sober and makes me want to get drunk... :lol: :lol: :lol:

On another note, the clock is ticking on week 6... paging Fooks...

Sorry..I was away from a computer most of the week (Went to Calgary to see Nine Inch Nails). Thanks Billy for posting it again.

not a problem