CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 5 - RESULTS

Well, what a week. Congratulations to RedandWhite who jumped an unprecedented 12 spots this week. He was the only one to pick both Burris and Joseph.

Week 5
RedandWhite 1944
Sambo42 1606
roughyfan 1562
jm02 1556
Fooks 1461
PegCityJets9 1382
Halfback28 1358
Boozers 1344
Reggie78 1324
Eskylo 1263
esks123 1246
bluereggie 1159
geroy_simon_81 1156
Als_All_The_Way 1056
Torontoismyhome 1053
Stadw0n306 1040
Sportsmen 1003
Chief 935

roughyfan 7299
Sambo42 7258
jm02 7225
PegCityJets9 7099
RedandWhite 6959
Torontoismyhome 6901
Fooks 6888
Boozers 6864
Halfback28 6738
bluereggie 6726
esks123 6698
Reggie78 6522
Sportsmen 6417
Als_All_The_Way 6412
Stadw0n306 6372
geroy_simon_81 6311
Chief 6077
Eskylo 5966

Fantasy 'Dream' Team
Burris 354
Joseph 344
Roberts 191
Smith 167
Stegall 240
Copeland 150
Brown 77
Perry 76
Simpson 182
Jones 101
Cox 82
Banks 48
Congi 150
Total 2162

....[curtsy] thank you...thank you [/curtsy]....

congrats R&W-- great week. Seems like roughy, JM and I have a bit of seperation from you and PCJ9-- we Rider fans know our football!! LOLOL

Gawd! That was not pretty!

…like really, Red, when you curtsy, you don’t need to lift your skirt that high…remember, undergarments are your friend…

In reds case.....bloomers are your friend!

All of this is really TMI.....

I thought he was wearing his codpiece, of course it doesn't help that the codpiece is clear.

I agree.... Its a familly board. Time to lock this thread! :roll:

I wash my hands of the results thread once they are posted. All this dirty talk, while titillating and exciting, is not endorsed by the CFL Fantasy Huddle.

Now, please continue...

Red started it.

Im with jm.....Red started it!

It doesnt matter who started it... its still TMI...LOL. As I was saying, 3 Rider fans are at the top, we know our football!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: