CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 20 - Regular Season Final Results

What a ride. wheee....


1 Sportsmen 1337
2 horus 1330
3 billysoup 1285
4 jm02 1281
5 fooks 1209
6 argofan4life 953
7 roughyfan 952
8 bamboo 836
9 alsalltheway 827
10 Thirdnten 789
11 ro1313 701
12 halfback28 700
13 redandwhite 576
14 uglyandhasty571
15 eskstmac 0
15 eskiimmooos 0


1 Sportsmen 27807
2 Fooks 27774
3 roughyfan 27300
4 ro1313 26757
5 argofan4life 26648
6 redandwhite 26567
7 alsalltheway 26077
8 thirdnten 25517
9 horus 25199
10 Bamboo 25007
11 halfback28 24045
12 billysoup 23323
13 uglyandhasty23283
14 jm02 22927
15 eskstmac 21123
16 supertoe 18361
17 ticatsfan86 16933
18 eskimooos 16560


Total Score: 2036

Worst (and how!)

Total Score: 202

That's some nice strategy there R&W.

So this weeks match-ups are

3 ROUGHYFAN vs 6 red&white
4 ro1313 vs 5 argofan4life stratgey was fail miserably in the last week just to make the slip in under the radar as the underdog and fool you roughy into a false sense of security......seriously, that was the plan........(glance to the left, no right, no left......aaarrrgh, I forget which direction tells you're lying)......

I think it's eyes rolling up to the left.

......I'm glad for me it's not just eyes rolling back in their sockets......

lol... my strategy of picking rejects and back-ups didn't paid much, but I still got three players in the dream team. Woo-hoo.

R&W, you wanted to hang to that playoff berth, now show me you did not do that in vain. Go get them. Show them what bottom-feeders can do.

lol 571 points this week !! Way to go Uglymofo !

....yes, bottomfeeder......I am the slow and dimwitted catfish.......big and scary looking yes, but about as vicious as a Rottweiller 30 minutes AFTER his neutering surgery.......

Can't complain about a fifth place overall finish! Congrats to all of my fellow playoff contendersand good luck. So I'm up against ro1313 this week? Well, good luck ro!
One question.......what happens if a playoff matchup ends in a tie? We had a lot of weeks where two players had close point's not impossible. Just a about we pick one additional player designated as the Tie-breaker on our team. his points only count in the event of a tie.

alright, the results are in....get your picks PMed to me you guys who made the playoffs, and congratulations

Hmmm.....finished fourth this week.....not bad, but I feel I'd have done worse if 3/10 wouldn't have intentionally tanked his picks.....

......what a gentlemen huh?!.......

.....equated with taking off his overcoat and spreading it ceremoniously across the puddle.....

Silent picks huh?
Man, now I have to work on it. I spent the entire season copying and pasting other peoples picks and making strategic changes. :cry:

Work smart not hard......

just need argofan4life's picks and they're all in

I'd Just Like To Point Out That I Had The Absolute Worst Pick This Entire Season, Going With Ted White Giving Me -26 Points I Think It Was, Way Back In Preseason Week Two. Hey, I'm Proud To Be The Worst At Something, It's All I Got.

As Many Of You Have Noticed I've Really Dropped Off On The Number Of Posts ... Some Of You Have Noticed, OKay No Ones Noticed But My Point Is That Since I'm Getting Extremely Swamped By School Work I'll Be Taking A Break From This Lovely Forum (With A Quick Interuption To Gloat About The Argos Winning Their Second Grey Cup In A Row). To Be Returning In April After My School Years All Rapped Up.

So Best Of Luck To Those Of You Who Made The Playoffs In Both This Pool And The V.G.C.C.

good luck at school Bamboo.

Thanks, I'm Going To Need It

And Same To Yourself.

Eskimos32001: I PMed the picks to you Friday morning....hope you got them. (I realize this was after you said mine weren't in yet......just checking)