CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 2

Hey dude, just a question. If we keep the same roster as the week before, do we have to repost it? I just assumed not, but, please, can you confirm?

Just in case, here it is again.


  • Henry Burris (Cgy)
  • Kevin Glenn (Wpg)
  • Benched: Kerry Joseph (Tor)


  • Joe Smith (BC)
  • Jesse Lumsden (Hml)
  • Benched: Charles Roberts (Wpg)


  • Geroy Simon (BC)
  • Derrick Armstrong (Wpg)
  • Benched: Arland Bruce III (Tor)


  • Dario Romero (Edm)
  • Brent Johnson (BC)
  • Benched: Aaron Hunt (BC)


  • Diamond Ferri (Mtl)
  • Barrin Simpson (Wpg)
  • Benched: Zeke Moreno (Hml)


  • Byron Parker (Tor)
  • Ryan Philips (BC)
  • Benched: Eddie Davis (Ssk)


  • Damon Duval (Mtl)
  • Benched: Sandro DeAngelis (Cgy)

Stupid computer at work wouldn't let me on, I really, really, hope the same team from last week still stands to answer third's question from above.

I forgot to submit a new line-up for over a month last season, but Fooks just kept using the last one submitted.

Same as last week.