CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 14 - RESULTS

Sigh, in the excitement of my trip I neglected to post my new lineup leaving two injured players in. It cost me 315 points. Ah well, C'est la vie as they say in Montreal (Actually, I didn't here anybody say that once.)

Blue_Dragoon continues his strong performace by extending his lead this week. There are also 7 players within reach of the last two playoff spots. Don't give up just yet, you never know what might happen.

Week 14 Results
Blue_Dragoon 1686
NateB3 1471
RedandWhite 1436
Kid_Wicked 1394
bluereggie 1390
KK-FTW 1377
Billy_Soup 1364
jm02 1356
Fooks 1350
Sportsmen 1328
geroy_simon_81 1308
roughyfan 1289
Sambo42 1272
canfootblogger 1262
Halfback28 1214
esks123 1170
Chief 1155
Boozers 1137
Third_And_Ten 959
jordan02 872
milt-for-life 804

Overall Standings
Blue_Dragoon 18374
RedandWhite 17515
Fooks 17215
Sambo42 16880
Billy_Soup 16716
bluereggie 16706
Kid_Wicked 16361
Sportsmen 16360
jm02 16343
roughyfan 16311
Halfback28 16143
esks123 15743
NateB3 15523
Third_And_Ten 14955
KK-FTW 14928
geroy_simon_81 14592
Boozers 14421
canfootblogger 14236
Chief 13483
milt-for-life 12282
jordan02 11317

Week 14 Fantasy Dream Team
Ray 291
Calvillo 269
Cobourne 183
Reynolds 118
Simon 231
Jackson 142
Wake 195
Hunt 110
Floyd 165
Moreno 132
Banks 150
Morgan 93
Deangelis 160
Total 2239

...hmmm, BD may be unreachable at this point...oh well, the playoffs settle everything....

Still plenty of time to unseat ya for second though... :stuck_out_tongue:

How many people get in playoffs.

Weekly first place again? Ho-hum. I was hoping somebody would actually challenge me, but I should have known better.

This is kind of the problem I have with a draft league. Once it's clear who has an advantage there's really nothing you can do to 'challenge' someone. Your roster is set and if you have injuries, ineffective players or players get benched you have no recourse. Still I guess, it's what the majority wanted so it's what we'll do.