CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 13 - RESULTS

Interesting week. Low scores and injuries to fantasy favorites were mirrored in the results this week.

Lots of people sat Joseph for Ray this week and were punished for it.

Lots of people sat Stegall (Although I doubt it was a purposeful strategic decision) for Simon this week and were rewarded.

The injury to Burris and the continued absence of Calvillo could mean that some people who were out of playoff contention could find themselves moving up this week. Sambo, Boozers and Eskylo could find themselves in a world of hurt the next few weeks while the injury situation works itself out.

Week 13
Halfback28 1333
jm02 1224
Fooks 1201
Chief 1161
roughyfan 1156
RedandWhite 1153
Eskylo 1047
Sportsmen 1041
PegCityJets9 1016
esks123 1000
Boozers 989
bluereggie 987
Reggie78 962
Sambo42 961
Stadw0n306 858
Torontoismyhome 751
geroy_simon_81 670
Als_All_The_Way 604

jm02 16823
Sambo42 16812
Fooks 16693
RedandWhite 16602
roughyfan 16555
Boozers 16390
Eskylo 16133
PegCityJets9 16131
Halfback28 15914
Reggie78 15782
esks123 15662
bluereggie 15341
Torontoismyhome 14844
Sportsmen 14773
Chief 14396
Als_All_The_Way 13515
geroy_simon_81 13457
Stadw0n306 13344

Week 13 Fantasy 'Dream Team'
Joseph 358
Burris/Glenn 282
Smith 193
Lumsden 119
Simon 211
Fantuz 140
Braidwood 100
Wake 71
Strickland 94
James 86
Shabazz 105
Wheaton 82
Fleming 120
Total 1961

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I'll join you if you want. Give you a little company since I'm clearly not making the playoffs. My comeback seems to have stalled... :?