CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 11 - RESULTS

Sorry the results are a little late..I was out of town yesterday. Good job to come out on top this week jm!

Week 11 Results
jm02 1782
Kid_Wicked 1660
Fooks 1602
NateB3 1589
RedandWhite 1581
roughyfan 1531
Blue_Dragoon 1523
bluereggie 1485
KK-FTW 1477
Halfback28 1429
canfootblogger 1428
geroy_simon_81 1373
esks123 1370
Billy_Soup 1356
Sambo42 1316
Boozers 1201
Sportsmen 1111
Third_And_Ten 1110
Chief 1067
milt-for-life 1021
jordan02 981

Overall Standings
Blue_Dragoon 13578
RedandWhite 13075
Billy_Soup 13030
Fooks 12962
Sambo42 12805
Halfback28 12576
bluereggie 12552
Kid_Wicked 12396
roughyfan 12283
jm02 12217
Sportsmen 12136
esks123 11826
Third_And_Ten 11755
Boozers 11488
geroy_simon_81 11376
NateB3 11164
KK-FTW 11159
Chief 10660
canfootblogger 10527
milt-for-life 9390
jordan02 8138

Week 11 Fantasy Dream Team
Calvillo 416
Burris 312
Cates 163
Logan 94
Edwards 203
Watkins 158
Wake 208
Walls 101
Glatt 103
Lloyd 99
Banks 83
Davis 59
McCallum 150
Total 2149

...booyah, get back where you belong soupman...

Damn Copeland has a good game when I bench him. I should know better than to trust a Stampeder… and I have 3 of them in my lineup… fool...

I did have Fantuz, until he was injured. I would have other Rider receivers, if I knew who they were going to be from week to week...

I'm just biding my time, I don't think it would be right if I just blew you guys out of the water all season long.

It's about friggin' time I scored some points...I believe I was second last at one point, but it's likely too late in the season this time around for me to mount an incredible comeback like I did last year...

There are still 8 weeks left, but one winning week out of 18 isn't too bad jm... :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall I'm where I belong.

Like I said to Red, just biding my time