CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 1 - RESULTS

Wow. We have the same number of participants as last year (21) with some new names and some old (some older than others!) returnees. I can see that many have learned from previous years as the teams this year are very, very similar.

Some have already been bitten by the injury buy (lumsden) while others need to check up on the game to game injury reports (Cates).

That being said, who you start and who you sit is going to matter much more than previous years. Please place any comments on the last week in this thread and any roster changes in the new week 2 thread.

Week 1 Results and Overall Standings:

NateB3 1360
RedandWhite 1226
Billy_Soup 1225
KK-FTW 1215
jm02 1211
jordan02 1207
Blue_Dragoon 1207
Fooks 1206
rtk350 1205
esks123 1173
cam^85 1143
roughyfan 1119
redstallion 1104
cdwood 1095
perce90 1087
Chronicguy 1081
bluereggie 1039
simleung 995
FanWithoutATeam 986
Kid_Wicked 916
Boozers 867

Week 1 Fantasy "Dream Team"
Joseph 265
Ray 235
Cobourne 166
Reid 144
Dressler 154
Rodriguez 115
Peach 73
Hickman 65
Glatt 132
Lloyd 103
Morgan 151
Cox 148
Duval 180
Total 1931

...I see everyone from Soupman on down knows their proper place in the grand scheme of things...did this NateB3 character not get the memo?... :cowboy:

I think i may be able to make up the massive point difference between you and myself red. I hope so at least. Sure wish I would have started a couple different players, but oh well.

I'm coming for you Nate

Whoa. I knew I had a good team, but didn't think it would get me to the top this week! I'm waiting for you Billy try and catch me. Haha just joshing. I played last year and I remember that the standings can change quickly and frequently!!

shit. i played wes cates thinking he was going to tough it out.