CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 1 - RESULTS

Thanks Billy for posting week 2 in my absence. Also thanks for coming out on top in week 1. Bowman may have been an inspired pick that will pay off all season.

In all we have 19 participators; one more than last year. That playoffs will go the same as last year with the top 6 moving on. The first 2 will receive a bye in the semi-finals and we will go head-to-head to determine a winner. More about that when it arises. Thanks everyone for playing again this year. I think it will be a good one.

Now, to the results!

Week 1
Billy_Soup 1490
Blue_Dragoon 1291
Third_And_Ten 1266
RedandWhite 1264
Fooks 1203
Halfback28 1198
bluereggie 1194
Sambo42 1192
roughyfan 1088
Sportsmen 1046
jm02 1034
geroy_simon_81 1025
milt-for-life 1013
KK-FTW 987
jordan02 915
esks123 914
Kid_Wicked 909
Boozers 905
Chief 883

Top Fantasy Performers Week 1
Burris 324
Crandell 240
Cates 245
Reynolds 152
Bowman 162
Armstrong 116
Chick 92
D. Brown 82
Simpson 122
Glatt 117
Parker 89
Wheaton 89
Duval 150
Total 1980

No problem Fooks. I had a hunch about Bowman, and it worked out for me. Not gonna get too high on myself just yet.

Wow. I suck. :frowning: got to feel bad being beat by someone named Boozer....

I havent seen Chief around for a couple of days.. I wonder if he is holed up somewhere going over stats, stats and more stats to catch up with everyone else... :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue: