CFL Fantasy Huddle Week 1 - RESULTS

Some pretty high scores this week. There were two tiers of people: those that took ray and those who didn't. C. Roberts had a monster week...but since everyone took him...he might as well have not played! :slight_smile:

Sambo42 1942
Halfback28 1892
jm02 1884
PegCityJets9 1773
Torontoismyhome 1772
esks123 1769
RedandWhite 1746
Stadw0n306 1744
Chief 1728
Sportsmen 1717
Fooks 1599
roughyfan 1569
Als_All_The_Way 1509
Eskylo 1485
geroy_simon_81 1436
Boozers 1413
bluereggie 1374

17 players is a pretty good turnout. I'll think about the playoff structure when we get closer (probably take the top 6 with a bye for the first 2, etc).

Thanks for playing.

....did better than I expected I would....thank you, Eddie Davis.....any possiblilty of getting the top positional players posted?

Ray 446
Burris 318
Roberts 329
Smith 179
Stegall 176
Tucker 148
Johnson 98
Walls 96
R.Hunt 128
K.Jones 108
Davis 183
Bannister 91
Deangelis 130
Total 2430

You da man, man.....

Hmmm... Im on top of the heap after the first week. I never have good luck with these , however. I did a hockey draft from the Regina Leader Post and was in 11th place(out of 10K plus entries), when the whole thing was cancelled. I had a good group of players as well... :x

Great week for scoring, interesting to see 3 rider fans at the top of the pack :wink:

Thanks for tallying the scores Fooks, great job :thup: