CFL Fantasy Huddle Standings 5


Pool A

  1. jm02-1485 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-1424 pts.
  3. mancat-1323 pts.
  4. halfback28-1289 pts.
  5. ro1313-1223 pts.
  6. Boozers-1205 pts.
  7. Eskylo-1147 pts.
  8. Als_All_The_Way-1136 pts.
  9. sambo42-1126 pts.
  10. roughyfan-1105 pts.
  11. Fooks-967 pts.
  12. sportscards84-886 pts.
  13. blacdale-821 pts.

Pool B

  1. Third_And_Ten-1542 pts.
  2. UglyandHasty-1357 pts.
  3. stadw0n306-1251 pts.
  4. esks123-1214 pts.
  5. PegCityJets9-1206 pts.
  6. RedandWhite-1193 pts.
  7. stampsfan222-1083 pts.
  8. Kanga Kucha-1077 pts.
  9. Dr. Rise-1009 pts.
  10. 42monkey42-996 pts.
    T11-EsksTMac-829 pts.
    T11-Bamboo-829 pts.


Pool A

  1. Eskylo-7375 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-7232 pts.
  3. halfback28-7207 pts.
  4. roughyfan-6760 pts.
  5. mancat-6596 pts.
  6. Boozers-6551 pts.
  7. blackdale-6481 pts.
  8. Als_All_The_Way-6395 pts.
  9. ro1313-6375 pts.
  10. Fooks-6019 pts.
  11. sambo42-6000 pts.
  12. jm02-5950 pts.
  13. sportscards84-5779 pts.

Pool B

  1. UglyandHasty-6846 pts.
  2. stadw0n306-6831 pts.
  3. Third And Ten-6820 pts.
  4. RedandWhite-6718 pts.
  5. PegCityJets9-6506 pts.
  6. stampsfan222-6495 pts.
  7. EsksTMac-6352 pts.
  8. Bamboo-6179 pts.
  9. esks123-6152 pts.
  10. 42monkey42-5896 pts.
  11. Kanga Kucha-5712 pts.
  12. Dr. Rise-5569 pts.

Fantasy Team of the Week

QB-Calvillo, Joseph
RB-Edwards, Reynolds
WR/SB-Armstead, Rambo
DL-Jurineack, Cheatwood
LB-Butler, Mitchell/Hunt
DB-Davis, Miles


Fantasy Player of the Week

SB-Jason Armstead

im lucky to still be in 2nd, my recivers didnt do really nothing at all for me this week, oh well still sittin in 2nd, hopefully my players will pull threw this week, its gonna be a battle all season, should be fun!

Eskylo, I think I may have just redeemed myself.....well, for this week, anyway..... :wink:

Woooo ! When I saw jm02 at the top of pool A, I thought "Now she's going to mock me for I implied she was so behind she should quit."

But guess who's the only one who scored more! Phew !

Hey, only 26 points away from eternal glory. I like that.

Now how could I possibly mock my favourite Turd? :wink:

Nice week, 3/10.....

… Third: :stuck_out_tongue:

…jm02: :thup: …

ARE YOU JOKING!? lol :S I wonder how I would have done without Calvillo.

you suffered through the eskimo bye-week, IIRC, you had a few positions where you only had one player

Good for you jm, i knew u had it
in you. Girl knows her ball.

.....well, mostly Girl knew Joseph and Armstead were due to hook

Good one! LOL

Man, I really suck at this.

NO surprise there :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm better at picking teams to win a game, and winning games on Madden, than I am at coming up with a roster.