CFL Fantasy Huddle Standings 4


Pool A

  1. Eskylo-1598 pts.
  2. sportscards84-1568 pts.
  3. halfback28-1539 pts.
  4. Boozers-1320 pts.
  5. blackdale-1313 pts.
  6. Als_All_The_Way-1304 pts.
  7. sambo42-1303 pts.
  8. Sportsmen-1296 pts.
  9. mancat-1221 pts.
  10. roughyfan-1190 pts.
  11. Fooks-1186 pts.
  12. ro1313-1182 pts.
  13. jm02-1129 pts.

Pool B

  1. stadw0m306-1649 pts.
  2. stampsfan222-1631 pts.
  3. RedandWhite-1622 pts.
  4. UglyandHasty-1570 pts.
  5. esks123-1550 pts.
  6. Third And Ten-1445 pts.
  7. 42monkey42-1434 pts.
  8. PegCityJets9-1305 pts.
  9. Dr. Rise-1282 pts.
  10. EsksTMac-1276 pts.
  11. Bamboo-1218 pts.
  12. Kanga Kucha-1210 pts.


Pool A

  1. Eskylo-6228 pts.
  2. halfback28-5918 pts.
  3. Sportsmen-5808 pts.
  4. blackdale-5660 pts.
  5. roughyfan-5655 pts.
  6. Boozers-5346 pts.
  7. mancat-5273 pts.
  8. Als_All_The_Way-5259 pts.
  9. ro1313-5152 pts.
  10. Fooks-5052 pts.
  11. sportscards84-4893 pts.
  12. sambo42-4874 pts.
  13. jm02-4465 pts.

Pool B

  1. stadw0n306-5580 pts.
  2. RedandWhite-5525 pts.
  3. EsksTMac-5523 pts.
  4. UglyandHasty-5489 pts.
  5. stampsfan222-5412 pts.
  6. Bamboo-5350 pts.
  7. PegCityJets9-5300 pts.
  8. Third And Ten-5278 pts.
  9. esks123-4938 pts.
  10. 42monkey42-4900 pts.
  11. Kanga Kucha-4635 pts.
  12. Dr. Rise-4560 pts.

Fantasy Team of the Week

QBs-Burris, Joseph
RB-Roberts, Reynolds
WR/SB-Stegall, Lewis
DL-Abdullah, Canada
LBs-Eiben, Barrenechea
DBs-Miles, Young/Karikari

Points-2088 pts.

Fantasy Player of the Week

K-Sandro DeAngelis

very good week for me, got most points in both pools this week, and took over 1st overall from 4th, woooo things couldnt go any better 8)

Pool B had the 3 highest scores this week.

I guess I shouldn't have benched Burris...

This is turning out to be another dogfight with the points fairly close this week. Thanks again for putting this on eskimos32001, it’s been a whole lotta fun :rockin:

hehehe what are you guys doing ? I'm still in 4th position, and this without making one roster change since the season begin !