CFL Fantasy Huddle Standings 3


Pool A

  1. blackdale-1883 pts.
  2. roughyfan-1873 pts.
  3. Fooks-1615 pts.
  4. Eskylo-1603 pts.
  5. Boozers-1462 pts.
  6. sportscards84-1414 pts.
  7. Sportsmen-1350 pts.
  8. halfback28-1274 pts.
  9. mancat-1197 pts.
  10. sambo42-1191 pts.
  11. Als_All_The_Way-969 pts.
  12. ro1313-898 pts.
  13. jm02-714 pts.

Pool B

  1. EsksTMac-1566 pts.
  2. PegCityJets9-1510 pts.
  3. stampsfan222-1508 pts.
  4. RedandWhite-1399 pts.
  5. Third And Ten-1328 pts.
  6. stadw0n306-1326 pts.
  7. Bamboo-1269 pts.
  8. Kanga-Kucha-1237 pts.
  9. 42monkey42-1151 pts.
  10. esks123-988 pts.
  11. Dr. Rise-828 pts.
  12. UglyandHasty-824 pts.


Pool A

  1. Eskylo-4630 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-4512 pts.
  3. roughyfan-4465 pts.
  4. halfback28-4379 pts.
  5. blackdale-4347 pts.
  6. mancat-4052 pts.
  7. Boozers-4026 pts.
  8. ro1313-3970 pts.
  9. Als_All_The-Way-3955 pts.
  10. Fooks-3866 pts.
  11. sambo42-3571 pts.
  12. jm02-3336 pts.
  13. sportscards84-3325 pts.

Pool B

  1. EsksTMac-4247 pts.
  2. Bamboo-4132 pts.
  3. PegCityJets9-3995 pts.
  4. stadw0n306-3931 pts.
  5. UglyandHasty-3919 pts.
  6. RedandWhite-3903 pts.
  7. Third And Ten-3833 pts.
  8. stampsfan222-3781 pts.
  9. 42monkey42-3466 pts.
  10. Kanga-Kucha-3425 pts.
  11. esks123-3388 pts.
  12. Dr. Rise-3273 pts.

Week 3 Fantasy Team

QBs-Glenn, Burris
RBs-Roberts, Williams
WR/SBs-Stegall, Simon
DL-Canada, B.Johnson
LBs-Grace, Simpson
DBs-Goss, B.Miles


Fantasy Player of the Week

SB-Milt Stegall

Gentlemen, be aware of the importance of dressing two players at each position…

bewar eskstmac and bamboo..imma commin for ya

This a great fantasy pool,but I would make one change to it-- include a kick returner in the player picks-- maybe points for return yards, or allow to pick any player that plays on special teams. I know it may complicate things to a degree-- but special teams is 1/3 of the game.

Is there any way to get transferred over to the weaker pool, where mediocrity reigns supreme?

(This is a rhetorical question so don't bother answering it).

Oh, but I will answer it. Obviously no, but I expect Pool B to catch up or even pass Pool A eventually this season

This is interesting to see, but I hope no one loses hope just because of a bad bye-week, everyone is going to have a bad week. It'll even up by mid-season, but I suggest trying to change your team at midseason to cope with the bye-weeks.

Boy Im sure glad i edited jm's original picks
and added some RED to the team. LOL

Keep your head up, we still love you in pool
A jm.

Eskimos32001 just want to say Ive been reading your posts, keep your head up. Team green and
golds got too much talent to not be in the mix
come the end of the season.

You only love me in Pool A because you all kicked my rear this

Man... 5th place with only one dressed QB. I might have dodge a bullet here. Thanks to Barron Miles, the living interception machine.

hahaha me 2 man i was only 2 points behind you, i thought forsure i would be at the bottom