CFL Fantasy Huddle Standings 2


Pool A

1.halfback28-1603 pts.
2. ro1313-1526 pts.
3. Sportsmen-1492 pts.
4. Als_All_The_Way-1461 pts.
5. jm02-1379 pts.
6. Eskylo-1346 pts.
7. mancat-1270 pts.
8. Boozers-1229 pts.
9. Fooks-1216 pts.
10. roughyfan-1149 pts.
11.blackdale-1120 pts.
12. sambo42-1102 pts.
13. sportscards84-887 pts.

Pool B

  1. UglyandHasty-1455 pts.
  2. stadw0n306-1425 pts.
  3. EsksTMac-1374 pts.
  4. Dr. Rise-1358 pts.
  5. Bamboo-1289 pts.
  6. esks123-1278 pts.
  7. PegCityJets9-1260 pts.
  8. 42monkey42-1239 pts.
  9. Third And Ten-1206 pts.
  10. RedandWhite-1204 pts.
  11. stampsfan222-1110 pts.
  12. Kanga-Kucha-1072 pts.


Pool A

  1. Sportsmen-3162 pts.
  2. halfback28-3105 pts.
  3. ro1313-3072 pts.
  4. Eskylo-3029 pts.
  5. Als_All_The_Way-2986 pts.
  6. mancat-2855 pts.
  7. jm02-2622 pts.
  8. roughyfan-2592 pts.
  9. Boozers-2564 pts.
  10. blackdale-2464 pts.
  11. sambo42-2380 pts.
  12. Fooks-2251 pts.
  13. sportscards84-1911 pts.

Pool B

  1. UglyandHasty-3095 pts.
  2. Bamboo-2863 pts.
  3. EsksTMac-2681 pts.
  4. stadw0n306-2605 pts.
  5. Third And Ten-2505 pts.
  6. RedandWhite-2504 pts.
  7. PegCityJets9-2485 pts.
  8. Dr. Rise-2445 pts.
  9. esks123-2400 pts.
  10. 42monkey42-2315 pts.
  11. stampsfan222-2273 pts.
  12. Kanga-Kucha-2188 pts.

Fantasy Team of Week 2
QBs: Ray and Joseph
RBs: Roberts and Edwards
WRs: Tucker and Copeland
DL: Brown and Abdullah
LBs: Eiben and Simspon/Butler
DBs: Miles and Ruffin
K: DeAngelis/Duval

Points: 1934

Fantasy Player of Week One: Dave Dickenson
Fantasy Player of Week Two: Jason Tucker

wait, I see me now, never mind

lots of changes for me this week lol

......this is hilarious, now Third is leading me a one point.....


I added the Fantasy Team and Player of the Week

What happens is both players you picked are on by weeks? Im just SOL on that?

you're screwed, kinda like Eskylo is on a Calgary bye-week.

I was able to bench one for this week so it wont be too bad, lol

and so am I. :cry:

What are you guys doing ? I am leading ! Shame on ya all !


Revenge is sweet ! :lol:

Don't Worry Ugly, I'm Catching Up. Plus If You Were In The Pool A You'd Only Be In Third.

I'm More Interested In Who Comes On Top Between Third And Red&White.

Even funnier is I have Joseph and Edwards on my team, but both were benched. I sùck!

Thanks for doing this Eskimos32001.

I'm still staying strong in third.

nice had a way better week this week, hopefully it continues.

How will it work again? Top 2 from each pool make the playoffs?

Looks like a crossover in is order :lol:

Top 3 from each pool, and no crossover....that's the point of having Pools.

....hehehe, Third is finishing fourth, question is will I be one point ahead or behind his score?.......