CFL Fantasy Huddle Standings 1

Week One in the books, pretty good scores considering it's the first week. Everyone had over 1000 pts.

Pool A

  1. Eskylo-1683 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-1670 pts.
  3. mancat-1585 pts.
  4. ro1313-1526 pts.
  5. Als_All_The_Way-1525 pts.
  6. halfback28-1502 pts.
  7. blackdale-1344 pts.
  8. roughyfan-1343 pts.
  9. Boozers-1335 pts.
  10. sambo42-1278 pts.
  11. jm02-1243 pts.
  12. Fooks-1035 pts.
  13. sportscards84-1024 pts.

Pool B

  1. UglyandHasty-1640 pts.
  2. Bamboo-1574 pts.
  3. EsksTMac-1307 pts.
  4. RedandWhite-1300 pts.
  5. Third And Ten-1299 pts.
  6. PegCityJets9-1225 pts.
  7. stadw0n306-1180 pts.
  8. stampsfan222-1163 pts.
  9. esks123-1122 pts.
  10. K-KBBAP-1116 pts.
  11. Dr. Rise-1087 pts.
  12. 42monkey42-1076 pts.

Hahaha.....Turd's gonna be ticked.....Red beat him by one point..... :lol:

Best Team:









Well, jm02, fooks, sportsmen, it looks like we're in the far stronger pool.

You must be shltting me !

One point! Beyond all, from him. What the heck is worth one point anyways in the pool? How do you score just one? :x

.... :twisted: I consulted with Sancho on my week it will be TWO points...

it's one point per yard and 40-(number of points scored against defense), so naturally all the scores aren't even.

Oh... so there's a little Don Matthews sleeping inside of you... going for two when people expect it the least, eh?...

Really pitiful effort by pool B, congrats to pool A, you guys obviously know your ball.

One change for me this week Eskimoe,
Charles Roberts in, David Allen (benched)


:cowboy: sorry to bother you boss but where can we find how the scoring works. Because I believe it was more beginners luck than anything. But I'm learning.

It’s in a thread somewhere, I’ve memorized it so I’m not sure where it is. Might be in the Sign-Up thread.

Eskylo, please make those changes in the other thread, as that will be the thread I'm looking at when I do the scoring.

Sorry about that shmoe. Do you want
me to print out the whole team or can i
just make the one substitute in the proper

It'd be alot easier to just print out the team again, or else I have to go searching the forums again. It's alot easier for you guys to just print out your one team than for me to go looking for 30 teams. If you could, it would be greatly appreciated.

No problem, will do.

ill be better next week.

didn’t do too bad, but I did have help, hopfully I will do better in week 2, this time with no help. :cowboy:

what's going on with the name KK? I think I'll just record you as Kanga-Kucha from now on.

that's all good.

:cowboy: mancats team starters remain the same. [b]qb cavilla, qb dickenson, rb j. reynolds, rb edwards, wr/sb watkins, wr/sb thelwell, dl canada, dl b. johnson, lb b. simpson, lb grace, db k. banks, db b. miles, k deangelis[/b][/list][/list]