CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 9

This Week:

  1. Dominguez88-1526 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-1515 pts.
  3. Als All The Way-1511 pts.
  4. argofan4life-1466 pts.
  5. ro1313-1464 pts.
  6. roughyfan-1447 pts.
  7. CFL FAN-1432 pts.
  8. supertoe-1423 pts.
  9. kk28-1406 pts.
  10. halfback28-1402 pts.
  11. Horus!-1399 pts.
  12. UglyandHasty-1386 pts.
  13. Bamboo-1381 pts.
  14. Third And Ten-1363 pts.
  15. Dr. Rise-1359 pts.
  16. Fooks-1317 pts.
  17. Ty-1305 pts.
  18. RedandWhite-1293 pts.
  19. ticats fan 86-1262 tps.
  20. Billy_Soup-1250 pts.
  21. jm02-1232 pts.
  22. EsksTMac-1158 pts.
  23. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1136 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. Bamboo-12086 pts.
  2. roughyfan-11994 pts.
  3. Sportsmen-11904 pts.
  4. argofan4life-11749 pts.
  5. RedandWhite-11687 pts.
  6. Fooks-11609 pts.
  7. Als All The Way-11464 pts.
  8. ro1313-11458 pts.
  9. supertoe-11250 pts.
  10. Dr.Rise-11194 pts.
  11. Horus!-11076 pts.
  12. Third And Ten-10621 pts.
  13. UglyandHasty-10561 pts.
  14. halfback28-10474 pts.
  15. ticats fan 86-10369 pts.
  16. kk28-9976 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-9159 pts.
  18. CFL Fan-8427 pts.
  19. Billy_Soup-8139 pts.
  20. EsksTMac-8019 pts.
  21. jm02-7879 pts.
  22. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-7917 pts.
  23. Ty-7027 pts.
  24. greensupporter-5168 pts.

The Dream Team

QB-Henri Burris
QB-Anthony Calvillo
RB-Antonio Warren
RB-Robert Edwards
WR-Llewylln “Yo” Murphy
WR-Terry Vaughn
DL-Tyrone Williams
DL-Wesley Walls
LB-Kevin Eiben
LB-Barrin Simpson
DB-Wes Lysack
DB-Daunte Marsh
K-Sandro DeAngelis

hey Esks, I know you are busy and all, but just for kicks you should through an average per week each person has. Some people (like myself) have missed a few weeks, and we will probably not make it up the standings, but an average would tell you who really is the best. I would still probably be low, but maybe not bottom six
my avg is 1162.7
assuming bamboo has done all 9 weeks his is: 1342.8

yep still getting my ass kicked

thanks esks by the way you are doing a great job

Where are the results for week 8 ? Haven't we skipped a week?

he already posted week 8s! look back!

they were posted late one night and got bumped to page can check em out here

[url=] ... pic&t=2072[/url]

.......3/10, DON"T LOOK!!!!.......for your own good man, don't do it......there's nothing there for you anymore, let it go, just hold onto the happy memories of week one to take comfort in........

My avg is 1245. I missed week one

ya, i dont really feel like going back and finding that all out, if i had the info right in front of me i'd do it, but i didnt keep any of my work from week one to seven, i'd have to go through the threads, and i'm not doing that...but i do know a guy named thechamp would be leading, he only played a couple of weeks, but i think he was top 3 in all that he played