CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 8

here's your long awaited the way, i'm going on vacation...i wont be back til monday or tuesday, so if anyone wants to volunteer to do the results this week...that would great, if not: the results will just be late again, thats fine

This Week:

  1. Bamboo-1768 pts.
  2. Fooks-1754 pts.
  3. EsksTMac-1514 pts.
  4. Ty-1480 pts.
  5. CFL FAN-1383 pts.
  6. argofan4life-1344 pts.
  7. halfback28-1325 pts.
  8. kk28-1258 pts.
  9. supertoe-1241 pts.
  10. roughyfan-1232 pts.
  11. RedandWhite-1200 pts.
  12. Als All The Way-1166 pts.
  13. Billy_Soup-1165 pts.
  14. jm02-1163 pts.
  15. UglyandHasty-1149 pts.
  16. Dr. Rise-1103 pts.
  17. ESKKIMOOSSSS!!!-1096 pts.
  18. Third And Ten-1092 pts.
  19. ro1313-1033 pts.
  20. ticats fan 86-1006 pts.
  21. greensupporter-989 pts.
  22. Horus!-982 pts.
  23. Sportsmen-963 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. Bamboo-10705 pts.
  2. roughyfan-10547 pts.
  3. RedandWhite-10394 pts.
  4. Sportsmen-10389 pts.
  5. Fooks-10292 pts.
  6. argofan4life-10283 pts.
  7. ro1313-9994 pts.
  8. Als All The Way-9953 pts.
  9. Dr. Rise-9835 pts.
  10. supertoe-9827 pts.
  11. Horus!-9677 pts.
  12. Third And Ten-9258 pts.
  13. UglyandHasty-9175 pts.
  14. ticats fan 86-9107 pts.
  15. halfback28-9072 pts.
  16. kk28-8570 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-7633 pts.
  18. CFL FAN-6995 pts.
  19. Billy_Soup-6889 pts.
  20. EsksTMac-6861pts.
  21. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-6781 pts.
  22. jm02-6746 pts.
  23. Ty-5722 pts.
  24. greensupporter-5168 pts.
  25. LEO-4895 pts. (taken off list next week)

what was this weeks dream team? and i could try to do stats this week, if it dont work i'll let you do them when i get back, ok?

Wow! From the Penthouse to the outhouse in just one week!

.......pretty tight race still, thanks 32001......

Vacation…??? I thought you were on vacation in July & August! JK

Have a good holiday, and stay safe!

The Dream Team:

QB-Dave Dickenson
QB-Kevin Glenn (yes, i know)
RB-Charles Roberts
RB-Antonio Warren
WR-Milt Stegall
WR-Arland Bruce III
DL-Joe Fleming
DL-Anwar Stewart
LB-Kevin Eiben
LB-Duane Butler
DB-Willie Fields
DB-Almondo Curry
K-Duncan O'Mahony

ok, thanks for listing the dream team!

i have half the work done for week 9, and all last night's stats plugged i'll just do it when i get back monday, shouldnt take long

bump, for those who may not have seen it

bump for third n ten


hey, eski320000001

did you end up eliminating me. i thought you were going to let me keep my dream tream of bombers every week. oh well, i guess. looks like i may have done alright with them this week.

i never knew you had said that....and i said if you didnt post your picks every week, i dont count them, unless you PM them to me..i thought you just stopped picking

no bad feelings but i must admit i am curious how i would have done as a few bombers are showing up on your dream teams. maybe next year i will put more time into this as it is interesting.