CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 7

This Week:

  1. jm02-1826 pts.
  2. Ty-1606 pts.
  3. CFL FAN-1523 pts.
  4. Bamboo-1513 pts.
  5. ro1313-1408 pts.
  6. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1405 pts.
  7. Als All The Way-1363 pts.
  8. UglyandHasty-1332 pts.
  9. RedandWhite-1319 pts.
  10. greensupporter-1315 pts.
  11. Sportsmen-1311 pts.
  12. Dr. Rise-1296 pts.
  13. ticats fan 86-1237 pts.
  14. Horus!-1234 pts.
  15. EsksTMac-1222 pts.
  16. supertoe-1217 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-1204 pts.
  18. argofan4life-1198 pts.
  19. Fooks-1178 pts.
  20. halfback28-1177 pts.
  21. Third And Ten-1132 pts.
  22. roughyfan-1097 pts.
  23. kk28-1031 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. Sportsmen-9426 pts.
  2. roughyfan-9315 pts.
  3. RedandWhite-9194 pts.
  4. ro1313-8961 pts.
  5. argofan4life-8939 pts.
  6. Bamboo-8937 pts.
  7. Als All The Way-8787 pts.
  8. Dr. Rise-8732 pts.
  9. Horus!-8695 pts.
  10. supertoe-8586 pts.
  11. Fooks-8538 pts.
  12. Third And Ten-8166 pts.
  13. ticats fan 86-8101 pts.
  14. Uglyand Hasty-8026 pts.
  15. halfback28-7747 pts.
  16. Dominguez88-7633 pts.
  17. kk28-7312 pts.
  18. Billy Soup-5724 pts.
  19. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-5685 pts.
  20. CFL FAN-5612 pts.
  21. jm02-5583 pts.
  22. EsksTMac-5347 pts.
  23. LEO-4895 pts.
  24. Ty-4242 pts.
  25. greensupporter-4179 pts.

did all the work on Excel tonight, burning the 2 AM oil....if you want it..PM me.

Watch out guys I'm closing in on ya

yes!!!! man i did way better this week then last this was what i needed! alot of peope got screwed by picking dickenson,glad i didn't!

and where is this weeks top performers?like the best fantasy team you coud had picked?

Wow, I'm sinking faster than an underthrown Nealon Greene pass. I'd better pick it up next week.

HOLY CRAP! What did I do to warrant such numbers?? Are you sure you calculated that right, 32001? Sounds a little high, and I'm not accustomed to that. . . :smiley:

no, just picked all the right players

Go find what’s his face and ask him if he wants to change his opinion on women and sports

Yeah - I was thinking of that, but then I recalled he actually did give me some credit for knowing sports, despite my obvious two chest-level handicaps. . . :smiley: (Read: Sarcasm)

............sporty you old dog you........doing your homework while the rest of us partied I see..........

hey eskimos32001, could you list this weeks top performers?

He did
first post is this week
second post is the season standings

no i mean the top fantasy players, like the best 2 QB
best 2 RB's best 2 WR......... and so on! you know what i mean?

ya i know what u mean...i did the work on excel this time, so i dont have it written down, and i deleted the player points file, this is what i recall

QB-Kerry Joseph
QB-Anthony Calvillo
RB-Josh Ranek
RB-Robert? Edwards
WR-Jermaine Copeland
WR-Jason Armstead
DL-Joe Montford
DL-Anthony Collier
LB-Singor Mobley
LB-Duane Butler
DB-Almondo Curry
DB-Kelly Malveaux
K-Duncan O'Mahony/ Damon Duval

if you want to file, i might be able to send it to you thorugh PM if you want, just PM me

R& W....Its all in how you throw the darts at the wall!

I missed 2 weeks. damn. i think my chances are done

They forgot to put me in the standings again, i guess they forgot to put my picks in for me while i was away, oh well!

they?! its just me halfback28: sorry, forgot you had PMed me your shuffled down in my PMs, i'll get that straightened out for ya