CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 6

This Week:

  1. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1741 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-1689 pts.
    T-3. EsksTMac-1673 pts.
    T-3. Ty-1673 pts.
    T-5. argofan4life-1636 pts.
    T-5. kk28-1636 pts.
  3. ro1313-1625 pts.
  4. RedandWhite-1576 pts.
  5. roughyfan-1549 pts.
  6. Als All The Way-1534 pts.
  7. supertoe-1529 pts.
  8. greensupporter-1497 pts.
  9. Dominguez88-1480 pts.
  10. CFL FAN-1407 pts.
  11. Horus!-1437 pts.
  12. halfback28-1433 pts.
  13. Bamboo-1415 pts.
  14. jm02-1380 pts.
  15. Dr. Rise-1361 pts.
  16. Fooks-1347 pts.
  17. UglyandHasty-1261 pts.
  18. Third And Ten-1197 pts.
  19. ticats fan 86-1000 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. roughyfan-8218 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-8115 pts.
  3. RedandWhite-7875 pts.
  4. argofan4life-7741 pts.
  5. ro1313-7553 pts.
  6. Horus!-7461 pts.
  7. Dr. Rise-7436 pts.
    T-8. Als All The Way-7424 pts.
    T-8. Bamboo-7424 pts.
  8. supertoe-7369 pts.
  9. Fooks-7360 pts.
  10. Third And Ten-7034 pts.
  11. ticats fan 86-6864 pts.
  12. UglyandHasty-6694 pts.
  13. halfback28-6570 pts.
  14. Dominguez88-6429 pts.
  15. kk28-6281 pts.
  16. Billy Soup-5724 pts.
  17. LEO-4895 pts. ( where have you been? )
  18. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-4280 pts.
  19. EsksTMac-4125 pts.
  20. CFL FAN-4089 pts.
  21. jm02-3757 pts.
  22. greensupporter-2864 pts.
  23. thechamp-2662 pts. ( taken off list if picks not posted next week )
  24. BlazerTE-2638 pts. (taken off list if picks not posted next week )
  25. Ty-2636 pts.
  26. jpankiw-2102 pts. ( taken off list if picks not posted next week )
  27. blackdale-994 pts. (taken off list if picks not posted next week )

Team Of The Week:

QB-Dave Dickenson
QB-Ricky Ray
RB-Antonio Warren
RB-Joffrey Reynolds
WR-Jason Tucker
WR-Ryan Thelwell
DL-Anthony Collier
DL-Rashad Jeanty
LB-Singor Mobley
LB-Kyries Hebert
DB-Richard Karikari
DB-Donny Brady
K-Duncan O'Mahony

Weekly Winners:


most points in one week :RedandWhite=1772 pts.

Yes, climbin up there :smiley:

Hey, don't take off the list the participants that aren't making picks anymore. They make me look good.

Well... less terrible...

........the Death Poodles continue their quest.....beware your ankles roughy.....

i've been wanted to shorten the overall list because it just adds work, and i dont want to keep posting their name every week if they are not playing, if they decide to play, i can always did up their score

You missed me again in the overall standingsā€¦

oops. had two people at 16, jumped right over you...sorry


there was a mistake this week, with reference to Ricky Ray and Nate Davis..changes will be made tonight

ok, results have been edited, check them out