CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 5

big scoring this week:

  1. RedandWhite-1772 pts.
  2. EsksTMac-1575 pts.
  3. UglyandHasty-1474 pts.
  4. jm02-1448 pts.
  5. Sportsmen-1440 pts.
  6. argofan4life-1398 pts.
  7. Als All The Way-1396 pts.
  8. CFL Fan-1394 pts.
  9. Horus!-1391 pts.
  10. greensupporter-1367 pts.
  11. ro1313-1338 pts.
  12. Dominguez88-1331 pts.
  13. Bamboo-1327 pts.
  14. Third And Ten-1308 pts.
  15. roughyfan-1298 pts.
  16. halfback28-1297 pts.
  17. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1296 pts.
  18. supertoe-1250 pts.
  19. Dr. Rise-1249 pts.
  20. ticats fan 86-1191 pts.
  21. Fooks-1172 pts.
  22. kk28-1045 pts.
  23. Billy Soup-1120 pts.

Holy crap - this week was way better than last!! Maybe I can keep it up. . .

…ahem…yes, they are quite large and they clang when I walk down the street…

Overall Standings:

  1. roughyfan-6669 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-6426 pts.
  3. RedandWhite-6299 pts.
  4. argofan4life-6105 pts.
  5. Dr. Rise-6075 pts.
  6. Horus!-6024 pts.
  7. Bamboo-6014 pts.
  8. Fooks-6013 pts.
  9. ro1313-5928 pts.
  10. Als All The Way-5890 pts.
  11. ticats fan 86-5864 pts.
  12. supertoe-5840 pts.
  13. Third And Ten-5837 pts.
  14. Billy Soup-5724 pts.
  15. UglyandHasty-5433 pts.
  16. halfback28-5137 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-4949 pts.
  18. LEO-4895 pts.
  19. kk28-4645 pts.
  20. CFL FAN-2682 pts.
  21. thechamp-2662 pts.
  22. BlazerTE-2638 pts.
  23. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-2539 pts.
  24. EsksTMac-2452 pts.
  25. jm02-2377 pts.
  26. greensupporter-1367 pts.
  27. jpankiw-2102 pts.
  28. Ty-1041 pts.
  29. blackdale-994 pts.

I'm starting to hear those damn wild poodles starting to yip.

well i still did pretty good! im moving up the standing! burris was a very good pick, how many points did he get me alone? anyone know?

You forgot to write beside my name how many points I got this week.

sorry bout that halfback28...fixed it

No problem

hey, eskimoe32001, how many points did burris get me?

318 pts. for Burris, decent for a QB, but barely the best for the week, QBs usually have about 250-300 pts. a game...lesser QBs maybe 100-200 pts.

I demand a urine sample from R&W!

..........I'll purolate you one this morning........

Hey, Eskimo32001, I had an idea. Since we never get to know which player paid off the most, at the end of each week, you should post what would have been the perfect team (2 QB, 2 RB, etc...) based on the performances of all the players you calculated the stats for.

That would be interesting. Losers like myself could take pride in having picked a few of the best guys (picks offset by horrible picks at other positions)

okay, fair deal.....

QB-Anthony Calvillo
QB-Henri Burris
RB-Charles Roberts
RB-Joffrey Reynolds
WR-Ben Cahoon
WR-Trevor Gaylor
DL-Terrell Jurineak
DL-Joe Montford
LB-John Grace
LB-Carl Kidd
DB-Brian Cox
DB-Kelly Wiltshre
K-Sandro DeAngelis