CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 4

Your long awaited results....

This Week:

  1. halfback28-1366 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-1345 pts.
  3. Billy Soup-1314 pts.
  4. CFL FAN-1288 pts.
  5. LEO-1249 pts.
  6. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1243 pts.
  7. supertoe-1238 pts.
  8. roughyfan-1230 pts.
  9. UglyandHasty-1215 pts.
    T-10. ro1313-1205 pts.
    T-10. Fooks-1205 pts.
  10. Third And Ten-1124 pts.
  11. ticats fan 86-1077 pts.
  12. Bamboo-1076 pts.
  13. RedandWhite-1068 pts.
  14. kk28-1030 pts.
  15. Als All The Way-1027 pts.
  16. Horus!-993 pts.
  17. ralfsnart-955 pts.
  18. argofan4life-936 pts.
  19. jm02-929 pts.
  20. EsksTMac-877 pts.
  21. Dr. Rise-834 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. roughyfan-5371 pts.
  2. Sportsmen-4986 pts.
  3. LEO-4895 pts.
  4. Fooks-4841 pts.
  5. Dr. Rise-4826 pts.
  6. argofan4life-4707 pts.
  7. Bamboo-4687 pts.
  8. ticats fan 86-4673 pts.
  9. Horus!-4633 pts.
  10. Billy Soup-4604 pts.
    T-11. ro1313-4590 pts.
    T-11. supertoe-4590 pts.
  11. Third And Ten-4529 pts.
  12. RedandWhite-4527 pts.
  13. Als All The Way-4494 pts.
  14. UglyandHasty-3959 pts.
  15. halfback28-3840 pts.
  16. Dominguez88-3618 pts.
  17. kk28-3600 pts.
  18. ralfsnart-3425 pts.
  19. thechamp-2662 pts.
  20. BlazerTE-2638 pts.
  21. jpankiw-2102 pts.
  22. CFL FAN-1288 pts.
  23. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1243 pts.
  24. Ty-1041 pts.
  25. blackdale-994 pts.
  26. jm02-929 pts.
  27. EsksTMac-877 pts. lost alot by not posting picks this week...

hey i did pretty good this week especially for my first week didn'T I?

You could have been worse - you could be in my position.

6th place last week…not bad, I guess I should’ve joined earlier. Thank you Mr. Ranek!

Maybe if half my players weren't injured I would have done better, oh well there's always next week.

Geez guys...ah, what did I do to score that high? Hmm throwing darts at the wall does work!

My worst week yet, 8th place (ptooey) but I increased my lead from 179 points to 385, woohoo.

just make sure to be in the top 6 for the end of the year if you can't take top spot

Does that get me into the playoffs? And does finishing first over sixth have it’s advantages?

im thinking of doing's the format.....

Week One

3 vs. 6
4 vs. 5

Week Two

higher seed winner vs. 2
lower seed winner vs. 1

Grey Cup

winner's match off

a little head to head....just for fun, bragging rights still go to Number One

Well, I don't have a hope in you-know-what of making it to playoffs, and I know it would be a lot more work for you to do, but I think it's a great idea, if you're up for it.

you should have everyone that joins get a spot in the play offs like wore vs. best and those things!

Then what would be the purpose of the regular season?

And also with only 3 rounds of playoffs you can only have 3 rounds of fantasy, meaning the way esks320001 set it up would be quite correct.

I already am in a head to head race to the finish.

WHO'S TWO POINTS AHEAD OF YOU REDANDWHITE ? HUH? ... Geez... I wouldn't want to trail by two points... that would be like being already out of the race...

… :twisted: …yeah but I’m gaining, look at how far back in the dust I was a couple of weeks ago…you’re in my sights 3/10 and I’m STOCKED, LOCKED and ready to ROCK…‘click’…damn, I left the safety on…

…it’s roughyfan who better be the fingernail chewing beads-of-sweat nervous nellie right now, he has a pack of wild dogs thundering down on him…HOOOOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL…

That would kinda make it like hockey :lol:

Right now it seems like it's a pack of wild poodles and you're the runt of the litter.

i am just happy to see someone is now below me. thanks you two.