CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 3

This Week:

  1. roughyfan-1274 pts.
  2. ticats fan 86-1242 pts.
  3. Dr. Rise-1227 pts.
  4. LEO-1182 pts.
  5. Sportsmen-1172 pts.
  6. argofan4life-1166 pts.
  7. Billy Soup-1109 pts.
  8. Fooks-1102 pts.
  9. halfback28-1096 pts.
  10. thechamp-1086 pts.
  11. RedandWhite-1071 pts.
  12. ralfsnart-1047 pts.
  13. Horus!-1044 pts.
  14. kk28-1043 pts.
  15. Ty-1041 pts.
  16. Bamboo-1023 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-957pts.
  18. ro1313-906 pts.
  19. Als All The Way-856 pts.
  20. Third And Ten-837 pts.
  21. supertoe-833 pts.
  22. UglyandHasty-774 pts.

Overall Rankings:

  1. roughyfan-4141 pts.
  2. Dr. Rise-3992 pts.
  3. argofan4life-3771 pts.
  4. LEO-3646 pts.
  5. Sportsmen-3641 pts.
  6. Horus!-3640 pts.
  7. Fooks-3636 pts.
  8. Dominguez88-3618 pts.
  9. Bamboo-3611 pts.
  10. ticats fan 86-3596 pts.
  11. Als All The Way-3467 pts.
  12. RedandWhite-3459 pts.
  13. Third And Ten-3405 pts.
  14. ro1313-3385 pts.
  15. supertoe-3352 pts.
  16. Billy Soup-3290 pts.
  17. UglyandHasty-2744 pts.
  18. thechamp-2662 pts.
  19. BlazerTE-2638 pts.
  20. kk28-2570 pts.
  21. halfback28-2474 pts.
  22. ralfsnart-2380 pts.
  23. jpankiw-2102 pts.
  24. Ty-1041 pts.
  25. blackdale-994 pts.

I'm still not showing up :S Is it because I didn't play the first week?

fixed....i just dont have you written down on my original totals sheet

And what about you Eskimos32001? Where are you?

........get below me 3/10.........finished moving yet?..........while you were worrying about where to sleep each night I made my move........tee hee.......

hey, do you have a spot for me to join? and is this free?

Wait till I actually start trying at this. we can bear witness to your fall from grace?.........

Red, just like Don Matthews, I tend to have mental cramps and/or brain freezes from time to time. This week, I ousted Charles Robert and Anwar Stewart from my list (bad decisions...) As well, I picked a fullback as a runner. (WTF was I thinking?)

I really shouldn't let my personnal life worries get in the way of what really matters. I'll get back up as soon as I finish building myself a little place to live under the Alouette's bench.

Can you speak up, I can't hear you from all the way down there.

....... :lol: ...........both of you.....

.........warning to you roughy.....once you get a big fat head and all high-and-mighty on us you automatically become an Eskimo fan................

Now that's a low blow.

it's free, just post your picks

as for my picks....i decided to drop out

Geez, I wonder how I'd do if I'd even give this some thought..... Hmm, throwing a dart at the wall seems to work okay so far.