CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 2

…will be in a little late, maybe tommorow or tuesday

do ya got them yet, i am getting curious.

Flag him for time count! :slight_smile:

…is this taking so long because you are spending a great deal of time adding up just my points?..

he has to recheck and recheck your picks, he is baffled on how you got zero points

well, my B-Day was sunday, so i was busy…and ive been busy doing yard work around the house…ill try to get all your rosters recorded and find out all the points tonight, i might have them up by tommorrow night, maybe tomorrow afternoon

OK, here they are:

This Week:

  1. thechamp-1576 pts.
  2. BlazerTE-1502 pts.
  3. Eskimos32001-1476 pts.
  4. Dr. Rise-1473 pts.
  5. roughyfan-1470 pts.
    6.Horus!-1452 pts.
  6. Als All The Way-1419 pts.
  7. halfback28-
  8. RedandWhite-1375 pts.
  9. supertoe-1374 pts.
  10. Fooks-1342 pts.
  11. falfsnart-1333 pts.
  12. ThirdandTen-1313 pts.
  13. Dominguez88-1308 pts.
  14. ro1313-1272 pts.
  15. Sportsmen-1246 pts.
  16. ticats fan 86-1220 pts.
  17. LEO-1217 pts.
  18. argofan4life-1181 pts.
  19. Bamboo-1179 pts.
  20. kk28-1167 pts.
  21. jpankiw-1061 pts.
  22. Billy Soup-1049 pts.
  23. UglyandHasty-860 pts.

wait for me to tally the total


  1. roughyfan-2867 pts.
  2. Dr. Rise-2765 pts.
  3. Dominguez88-2661 pts.
  4. Als All The Way-2611 pts.
  5. BlazerTE-2638 pts.
  6. argofan4life-2605 pts.
  7. Horus!-2596 pts.
  8. Bamboo-2588 pts.
    9.ThirdandTen-2568 pts.
  9. Fooks-2534 pts.
  10. supertoe-2519 pts.
  11. ro1313-2479 pts.
  12. Sportsmen-2469 pts.
  13. LEO-2464 pts.
  14. RedandWhite-2388 pts.
  15. ticats fan 86-2354 pts.
  16. Billy Soup-2181 pts.
  17. jpankiw-2102 pts.
    19.UlgyandHasty-1970 pts.
  18. thechamp-1576 pts.
  19. Eskimos32001-1476 pts.
  20. halfback28-1378 pts.
  21. ralfsnart-1333 pts.
  22. kk28-1167 pts.
  23. blackdale-994 pts.

It’s Almost Like Everyone Fliped This Week, Thanks Eskie 32001 For Getting It Done And Posted So Quickly Eventhough You Had Other Things To Do.

Man… isn’t great to have 24 PARTICIPANTS in that game?

With this Fantasy game and BigDave’s VGCC, I think we’ve pretty much shown CFL fans would seize just any opportunity to have some more fun out of canadian football.

Bring us MORE CFL! We can take it! We’re asking for it!

Let’s see how long I can make this last, being first place in both pools.

i am mildly confused. eskimos32001 did you forget to make your own picks the first week??

Just wondering why 'm not on the overall standings but just the weekly standings?

to answer backdale: i wasnt going to submit any picks or participate, but i changed my mind and joined…i might drop in and out

to answer kk28, im sorry…dont know how i missed that.

Wow I didn’t think i would be this high. Its still early but its good to be high in the ranks!