CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 11

yes yes, i know, these are officially a week late, better late than never....

This Week:

  1. Third And Ten-1632 pts.
  2. Fooks-1466 pts.
  3. UglyandHasty-1418 pts.
  4. kk28-1383 pts.
  5. roughyfan-1375 pts.
  6. Billy_Soup-1369 pts.
  7. Horus!-1357 pts.
  8. Als All The Way-1245 pts.
  9. EsksTMac-1244 pts.
  10. Sportsmen-1236 pts.
  11. argofan4life-1200 pts.
  12. CFL FAN-1197 pts.
  13. ESKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1182 pts.
  14. RedandWhite-1173 pts.
  15. ro1313-1157 pts.
  16. Bamboo-1155 pts.
  17. halfback28-1103 pts.
  18. ticats fan 86-1101 pts.
  19. supertoe-1082 pts.
  20. jm02-1010 pts.
  21. Dominguez88-847 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. roughyfan-14783 pts.
  2. Fooks-14730 pts.
  3. Sportsmen-14684 pts.
  4. Bamboo-14337 pts.
  5. Als All The Way-14256 pts.
  6. argofan4life-14129 pts.
  7. RedandWhite-13986 pts.
  8. ro1313-13798 pts.
  9. Third And Ten-13670 pts.
  10. Horus!-13609 pts.
  11. UglyandHasty-12871 pts.
  12. kk28-12768 pts.
  13. ticats fan 86-12676 pts.
  14. halfback28-12448 pts.
  15. supertoe-12332 pts.
  16. Dominguez88-11393 pts.
  17. Dr. Rise-11194 pts.
  18. CFL Fan-10974 pts.
  19. EsksTMac-10785 pts.
  20. Billy_Soup-10698 pts.
  21. ESKIIMOOSSSS!!!-10519 pts.
  22. jm02-10145 pts.
  23. Ty-8454 pts.
  24. greensupporter-5168 pts.

results courtesy of Fooks

You And Fooks Are Doing Great Work, And Even Though Your Being Held Down By School We're Glad Your Keeping Us A Top Priority. Keep Up The Great Work, We've Really Enjoyed It.

Hey esks are you playing for Joes this year? You guys layed a whomping on my old team. I'd say good job, but I am a Soul till I die. :slight_smile:

It's nice to be in the lead for this week because I think I'll be going down the ladder after the last week.

Shyaa right ! I MADE IT ! That was one of my two objectives for the year:

OBJECTIVE #1 : Win a weekly challenge......... Status : CHECK !

OBJECTIVE #2 : Beat RedandWhite............ Status : IN PROGRESS.

By the way R&W... The count is now 6 to 5 for you... What Poodle of Death will make it? The suspence is killing me.

Quick Eskimos32001. Quick Fooks. We need the week 12 results!

i've got week 12 mainly done...the sask/wpg stats arent quite in yet. but hopefully i'll get them in tommorrow i m pretty sure i have time.

PS.....Billy Soup, yup i do play for Joes. we had a pretty good game...our defense killed Hardy but we got alot of work to do

........I tried to find a reference from some End of the World or Apocalypse website to do justice to what 3/10 has served here.......but nothing of that nature can dear children, what can be's's over.......

The Lead sure changes often! Parity in the posters?

Good work Eskimos32001 & Fooks.

Well, anything will be an improvement over week eleven for me. . .except finishing DEAD last. . . :slight_smile:

What position you play. whats your name. I’ll keep an eye out for ya. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. don’t worry I won’t come and get you if you say something stupid. Pm if you want to. don’t if you don’t. It will just give me something more to read in the paper every saturday morning

And guess what, Cross will kill you.

Note that is both Edwards, Olver, Dashney, Farthing and Albert on defense and Istace, Vangool, Brudehl and Bodnar on offense that will kill you.

hahaha. I love it. Just for clarification. When I played we murdered both Cross and Joes, every time we played them. I am part of the longest regular season winning streak in S'toon history. Sorry just wanted to brag a little there. Even if we lost to Bedford by one damn point in the citys, stupid kicker. ahh I miss playing, stupid knee

What school did you go to Billy? Hardy?

Oops never read your comment about the Soul until you die so yea, I'd assume Hardy lol

no way...our defense will destroy Cross, we took Hardy to pieces and our coach was pissed cuz our defense played terrible in the second half....we have the biggest o-line in school history, and our RBs are amazing... 2nd/3rd string FB, so you wont hear about me often. we play Murray next, we will destroy them