CFL Fantasy Huddle Results 10

a big thanks to Fooks who did all the result work this week as i was busy...

This Week:

  1. Fooks-1655 pts.
  2. Als All The Way-1547 pts.
  3. Sportsmen-1544 pts.
  4. EsksTMac-1522 pts.
  5. Ty-1427 pts.
  6. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-1420 pts.
  7. Third And Ten-1417 pts.
  8. roughyfan-1414 pts.
  9. kk28-1409 pts.
  10. Dominguez88-1385 pts.
  11. CFL FAN-1350 pts.
  12. ticats fan 86-1297 pts.
  13. jm02-1256 pts.
  14. Billy_Soup-1190 pts.
  15. ro1313-1183 pts.
  16. argofan4life-1180 pts.
  17. Horus!-1176 pts.
  18. RedandWhite-1126 pts.
  19. Bamboo-1096 pts.
  20. halfback28-911 pts.
  21. UglyandHasty-872 pts.

Overall Standings:

  1. Sportsmen-13448 pts.
  2. roughyfan-13408 pts.
  3. Fooks-13264 pts.
  4. Bamboo-13182 pts.
  5. Als All The Wat-13011 pts.
  6. argofan4life-12929 pts.
  7. RedandWhite-12813 pts.
  8. ro1313-12641 pts.
  9. Horus!-12252 pts.
  10. Third And Ten-12038 pts.
  11. ticats fan 86-11666 pts.
  12. UglyandHasty-11453 pts.
  13. kk28-11385 pts.
  14. halfback28-11385 pts.
  15. supertoe-11250 pts.
  16. Dr. Rise-11194 pts.
  17. Dominguez88-10544 pts.
  18. CFL FAN-9777 pts.
  19. EsksTMac-9541 pts.
  20. ESKKIIMOOSSSS!!!-9337 pts.
  21. Billy_Soup-9329 pts.
  22. jm02-9135 pts.
  23. Ty-8454 pts.
  24. greensupporter-5168 pts.

Anytime you need help Eskimos32001I'll help ya if ya need it. Your most very welcome it was a new experience and gave me something else to do on my days at home :lol:

Man, I'd be doing way better if I hadn't missed the first couple weeks. . .still lurking near the bottom, though. . .anyone wanna take that spot from me? :slight_smile:

notice the big 3-way tie for 5th

So who do I send the Payola cheque to this week? Eskies32001 or Ticats fan 86?

Dream Team
QB's - Ricky Ray and Kevin Glenn
RB's - Charles Roberts and Joffrey Reynolds
WR's/SB's - Jason Tucker and Milt Stegall (DJ Flick was 2 points behind Stegall)
DL - Williams (BC) and Tim Cheatwood (tied with Schultz of Saskatchewan)
LB's - Duane Butler and John Grace
DB's - Curry (Montreal) and Morgan (Saskatchewan)
K - Epstein (Edmonton)

Man, with such high numbers, you kinda lose sight of how far behind you may be. I did pretty good this week... rallied 300 points on Redandwhite... and still, I'm 800 points away from a playoffs spot...

note: error found in results. changes gave been made