CFL Fantasy Huddle Regular Season - Results

While the playoff situation shook out in the CFL, there wasn't that much movement here in the huddle. The 6 that were in playoff position last week managed to hold on to them and will be compete for a championship. The main change is that bluereggie and myself managed to hurdle NateB3 at the last moment to claim the top two spots and a bye into the division finals. I wish to thank all of you for playing and invite you all to come back next year to try again. Without further ado the results:

Week 19 results
Fooks 1476
bluereggie 1336
roughyfan 1252
simleung 1251
RedandWhite 1246
FanWithoutATeam 1227
jm02 1151
Blue_Dragoon 1135
cdwood 1126
dutch31 1094
redstallion 1073
Kid_Wicked 1063
esks123 1060
cam^85 972
perce90 958
Chronicguy 928
rtk350 899
jordan02 894
15_championships 877
Billy_Soup 833
Boozers 831
KK-FTW 829
NateB3 787

Overall Standings
bluereggie 24449
Fooks 24414
NateB3 24035
jm02 23913
redstallion 23775
cdwood 23705

simleung 23469
RedandWhite 23448
Chronicguy 23445
esks123 22937
Kid_Wicked 22840
Blue_Dragoon 22700
roughyfan 22501
cam^85 22437
jordan02 21946
FanWithoutATeam 21757
Billy_Soup 21370
KK-FTW 21329
perce90 21278
Boozers 21044
rtk350 20646
15_championships 20288
dutch31 20247

Week 19 'Dream Team'
Ray 252
Burris 165
Mallett 145
Reynolds 129
Fantuz 123
Watkins 105
Chick 111
Smith 96
Knowlton 128
McKenzie 97
Frazier 91
Miles 72
Duval 240
Total 1754

Congrats to the Top 6.

I have enjoyed my year as the champ, and it is soon my time to pass it on.

...almost made it back to respectibility again...drat....thanks for looking after this again this year Fooks...good luck to the finalists...

Well was that ever silly of me to put Calvillo and Cobourne in my roster for the finally week! Live and learn I guess. Congrats to Fooks and bluereggie on getting the top spots and the bye! Hopefully I can come out on top in a couple weeks lol. Good luck to all!