CFL Fantasy Huddle: Post Your Team (Week One)

I have the teams in, people have up until kickoff to get their teams in, and to sign-up, and to say what their starters are.

For those who have sign-ed up, use this thread to post your official team for the year....choose wisely, they are official on Kickoff.

My team will be the Edmonton Eskimos.

Eskimos32001, you're doing it different this year? I might not have seen all the posts regarding Fantasy Huddle, so could you tell me what you're doing differently?

Huh? Were picking cfl teams as our team this year... ummm... thats odd.... but ok... i guess my team Are the Renegads"

No, you pick 3 players of each position, you keep all those players until you mid-season when you can add/drop players, it's all in the sign-up thread. The rosters are:

3 QBs
3 RBs
3 WRs/SBs
3 DL
3 LBs
3 DBs
2 Ks

you pick 2 of each to start and 1 kicker You can only choose out of players you have on your team

Ricky Ray
Jason Maas
(Anthony Calvillo)

Charles Roberts
Troy Davis
(Robert Edwards)

Mookie Mitchell
Jason Tucker
(Nik Lewis)

Brent Johnson
Anwar Stewart
(gavin Walls)

george white
Singor Mobley
(John Grace)

korey banks
richard karikari
(Donny Brady)

sean fleming
(sandro de'angelis)

Team: Saskatchewan.

QB's :
Anthony Calvillo
Henry Burris
(Kerry Joseph)

Charles Roberts
Joffrey Renoylds
(Kenton Keith)

Jason Tucker
Matt Dominguez
(Milt Stegall)

Brett Johnson
Gavin Walls
(Nate Davis)

George White
Singor Mobley
(Jackie Mitchell)

Korey Banks
Richard Karikari
(Omarr Morgan)

Sandro De'Angelis
(Sean Fleming) you go......

H. Burris (Cal)
A. Calvillo (Mtl)
Alternate: J. Maas (Ham)

J. Reynolds (Cal)
R. Edwards (Mtl)
Alternate: C. Roberts (Wpg)

J. Copeland (Cal)
S. Anderson (Cal)
Alternate: N. Lewis (Cal)

R. Abdullah (Cal)
B. Johnson (BC)
Alternate: D. Maxie (Cal)

J. Grace (Cal)
K. Eiben (Tor)
Alternate: B. Simpson (Wpg)

K. Banks (BC)
T. Young (Cal)
Alternate: O. Morgan (Ssk)

S. DeAngelis (Cal)
N. Prefontaine (Tor)

for team points-Saskatchewan

QB...1-Anthony Calvillo
2-Jason Maas
(3-Henry Burris)

RB...1-Charles Roberts
2-Joffrey Reynolds
(3-Troy Davis)

R....1-Milt Stegall
2-Jermaine Copeland
(3-Kerry Watkins)

DL...1-Gavin Walls
2-Brent Johnson
(3-Anwar Stewart)

LB...1-Barrin Simpson
2-Kevin Eiben
(3-John Grace)

DB...1-Korey Banks
2-Richard Karikari
(3-Omar Evans)

K....1-Noel Prefontaine
(2-Sandro Deangelis)

I'm going to have a Pool A and Pool B, and they will be announced Wednesday (possibly). Which means if you haven't told me you're playing by then, you're out.

I'll be recording teams' players down officially on Friday, so you until then to actually post your team. And you can change the team you have until then also.

I have approximately 30 people signed-up

QB's - 1.Henry Burris
2.Kevin Glenn
(3.Kerry Joseph)

RB's - 1.Josh Ranek
2.Kenton Keith
(3.Ricky Williams)

WR's - 1.Nik Lewis
2.Jason Tucker
(3.Craig Yeast)

DL' - 1.Gavin Walls
2.Anwar Stewart
(3.Nate Davis)

LB's - 1.John Grace
2.George White
(3.Barrin Simpson)

DB's - 1.Korey Banks
2.Omar Morgan
(3.Richard Karikari)

K's - 1.Sandro DeAngelis
(2.Sean Fleming)

My team is:


  1. Henry Burris
  2. Anthony Calvillo
    (3. Jason Maas)


  1. Charles Roberts
  2. Kenton Keith
    (3. Corey Holmes)


  1. Geroy Simon
  2. Jermaine Copeland
    (3. Ben Cahoon)


  1. Nate Davis
  2. Anwar Stewart
    (3. Tim Cheatwood)


  1. Jackie Mitchell
  2. Michael O'Shea
    (3. Otis Floyd)


  1. Korey Banks
  2. Clifford Ivory
    (3. Malcolm Frank)

Paul McCallum
( Sean Fleming)

hi 32001, as i will have the same starting lineup all year with the exception of bye weeks or possible an injury.


  1. glenn
  2. dickenson
    (3. calvillo)


  1. roberts
  2. ranek
    (3. reynolds )


  1. stegall
  2. simon
    (3. thyron anderson )


  1. gavin walls
  2. brent johnson
    (3. cotton )


  1. barrin simpson
  2. eiben
    (3. grace)


  1. omar evans
  2. korey banks
    (3. eddie davis)


  1. westwood
    (2. duval)

and for everyone thinking i am a dreamer expecting the every bomber to be the best in the league. no i do not expect to win but want to see how a pro bomber lineup fits in with the pro cflers. i was going to use only bombers but the second string bombers would obviously not compare with the first stringers from other teams and bye weaks would be really bad.

lol... Ricky Williams is such a popular choice !

I'm not posting my team yet because I can't decide whether I'll pick my favourite d-lineman Anwar Stewart. last year, every time I picked him he did nothing. Every time I left him out he had big games. I wouldn't want to feel responsible should he had a bad season BECAUSE he was on my team... hmmmmm...

....are you changing your nickname to Wishy_and_Washy ?............

Here's my team....


  1. Burris - Calgary
  2. Joseph - Sask
  3. (Calvillo) - Mon
  4. Keith - Sask
  5. Williams (somebody's gotta take him) - Tor
  6. (Roberts) - Win
  7. Dominquez - Sask
  8. Tucker - Edm
  9. (Miles) - Tor
  10. Maxie - Cal
  11. Davis - Sask
  12. (Cheatwood) - Ham
  13. Grace - Cal
  14. Eiben - Tor
  15. (Hunt) - Sask
  16. Bush - Sask
  17. Curry - Sask
  18. (Frank) - Edm
  19. Prefontaine - Tor
  20. (McCallum) - BC

Do Quarterbacks rushings stats count toward your teams stats?

:cowboy: qb cavilla, dickenson,(joseph) rb j.reynolds, r. edwards, (c.roberts) wr/sb k.watkins, r.thelwell, (d.stala) dl t.canada, b.johnson, (abdullah) lb b.simpson j.grace, (m.fletcher) db K.banks, b.miles, (r.phillips) k s.deangelis, (d.duval) Hey! I'm new at this. Team name mancat. Let me know eskimo if I filled this out wrong.(edited 9:45PM Est 6/15/06)


Might want to change joe montford seeing as he is a free agent right now. 8)