CFL Fantasy Huddle Poll

This calls for....a poll! I love polls, don't you?

The options are:

A draft league with some trading at mid point to change strategies/cycle out hurt players (extent to be decided)


The ability to change your whole roster week to week to keep up with trends/make speculative picks.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The result will be decided by simple majority. So come on, rock the vote and let me know.

I say the draft league is the way to go.. and easier to calculate. I would say go with the way it was done last year, it was a fairly good system. Instead of 8 trades, cut it down to 5 or 3 players. There is only two weeks with two games each, so why not combine those two for a total score?

I like last years format, draft and make a mid season trade. Tests your ability as "Coach" and "GM".

It doesnt look like there is much interest.. too bad, I was looking forward to another year of this.. I definitely would have done better this time around. :rockin:

It would be sweet if tsn had fantasy cfl football like ESPN has for the NFL.

7 people isn't much of a league...I'm sure more people will play than who voted. People don't like to vote in polls for some reason.

I think a sign up thread would be more effective to see how many people are interested.

5 to 3 IS a simple majority. So we will have a draft league..I'm thinking still have trades...7 trades so you can do 1 per position.