CFL Fantasy Huddle Playoffs Edition

playoffs are here, and how's it works.

all previous rules of the points system and players picked stay the same, except for the Grey Cup, which i will specify when it is here. but it has now turned to a head-to-head challenge. the No. 3 seed will play the No. 6 seed, and the No. 4 seed will play the No. 5 seed. the higher ranked winner will play No.1 the next week, and the lower ranked winner will play No. 2 next week...the winner will go head-to-head at the Grey Cup. all picks will be PMed to me, i will send you a PM if you make the playoffs, and no one will know your picks until i post them myself.

Fooks, is it too much for me to ask you to do the results one more week? if so, it would be nice if i could those, or if not, tell me so i can do them myself.

if you have any problems, just ask. i will clear anything up.

week 19 results are residing on page 3 of the main forum

top 6 are in, after week 20 is factored in? The reason I ask is my [sarcasm]amazing[/sarcasm] picks for week 20 may have just cut my chances of being punted out.........aaarrrrghhhh, both pools in the last weekend of play, gawd, now I know what it feels like to crash and burn like an eskimo......

Do we know whos in yet? Did I miss results?

Hey R&W, unless a miricle happend the big thud followed by explosion you heard was me crashing and burning....I think I tanked this week!

Looking at your picks sportsmen I actually thought you had done enough to take over first place.

nope, results aren't in as far as i know

I have no idea how they calculate the points. I took a chance with some, but the way the teams played with backups for some of the games, I thought I could be in trouble. Guess we'll have to wait for Fooks or Eskimos 32001.

I did the top 3 just for my own mind...and yes, sportsmen you took first. I took a flyer in my fsn league to try and break the top 50 and since most of the season they mirrored my picks here, I did the same in this league. BUT, I was in first here, so I should have played it safe. I'm an idiot. Here are the top 3 and I'll have the rest of the stats later today.

Sportsmen 27807
Fooks 27774
Roughyfan 27300

You took me by 33 points. I must say, it's been a pleasure. :slight_smile:

Well since I know I'm in the 3rd to 6th range I'll make my picks for the play-offs.

Beat these ones R&W

QB Austin Sask
QB Lancaster Sask
RB Jones Sask
RB Reed Sask
WR Narcisse Sask
WR Elgaard Sask
DL Jurassin Sask
DL Baker Sask
LB Vann Sask
LB Lowe Sask
DB Hall Sask
DB Suitor Sask
K Ridgeway Sask

Note: Eskimos32001 These aren't my acutal picks, those have been pmed to you.

........aren't you supposed to pm those to Eskimo32001?.....

A brilliant false picks publically, thereby showing a false hand to your opponent.....lull them into a false sense of security.....a sneaky bugger this one is.....I'd watch out.....

.......I think so too, he is a crafty his nom de plume......roughyfan.....I know the first part is an abbreviation to pay homage to the uniquely CFL aspect of the single point but I've never been able to figure out what 'hyfan' means, probably something sneaky I bet.......

Uhhhh crap, ignore that man behind the curtain, ummmm I mean ignore those picks. My real picks include Nealon Greene and ummmm Danny Wimprine.

.....hyfan.....hyphen.....meaning dash or line.....making a dash for the rouge line.....?.....could be code.....

.....okay, I dunno.....

.....hyfan........highfan......meaning a fan on narcotics ......... or..........a fan living in Denver.

picks are all in, you can still make changes until kickoff...good luck

.......ok, invitation accepted 32001.......I'd like to change roughyfan's two QB picks, whatever they may be, to a pink with white tummy Furby and a single serving pudding cup, any flavour will do.......

actually, i’m going to wait til i tally the results to post the picks, which will be tommorrow at about 4 PM

OKAY.....Results are in!

Game 1-Roughyfan vs. RedandWhite


Game 2-ro1313 vs. argofan4life


congratz argo and roughy

Next Weeks Matchups:

Sportmen vs. argofan4life
Fooks vs. roughyfan

picks can be PMed to me now!


do you have the best and worst teams and each posters picks?