CFL Fantasy Huddle - Le Coupe Grey

It’s me and You Fooks. Two Rider fans dual it out.

I will Start it off I guess.

QB - Calvillo
QB - Burris
RB - Coubourne
RB- Reynolds
R - Richardson
R - Rambo
DL - Bowman
DL - Hughes
LB - Hunt
LB - Ferri
DB - Browner
DB - Sanchez
K - Deangelis

I am gone to Montreal tomorrow. Good luck Fooks. And thanks for doing it all year. It will be an honour defeating you.

I'm pretty sure the format for the Grey Cup game was to have only one player at each position. Picking two players at each position doesn't make any sense.

Well..I'm back.. and yes, Blue_Dragoon you are correct about the format...I doubt Billy_Soup is reachable so I guess it will come down to a few defensive players and a kicker.

QB- Calvillo
QB- Burris
RB- Cobourne
RB- Reynolds
WR- Richardson
WR- Rambo
DL- Stewart
DL- Labinjo
LB- Hunt
LB- Ferri
DB- Browner
DB- Cox
K- Duval

Good luck Billy!