Week 10 scores have just been tallied... and it wasn't beautiful. This was the week to make up ground on top scorers. However, no one really did that good.

With his tiny 90 points, Eskylo is still in the race, which tells a lot about how others fared !



Pool A
1- sambo42... 1060
2- Fooks... 1016
3- halfback28... 909
4- Sportsmen... 908
5- jm02... 846
6- roughyfan... 782
7- Als_All_The_Way... 754
8- blackdale... 732
9- sportscards84... 705
10- Boozers... 625
11- Mancat... 563
12- ro1313... 509
13- Eskylo... 90

Pool B
1- Bamboo... 1195
2- 42monkey42... 934
3- esk123... 925
4- EskTMac... 838
5- PegCityJets9... 738
6- stampsfan22... 681
7- Dr. Rise... 582
8- UglyandHasty... 569
9- RedandWhite... 511
10- Third_And_Ten... 473
11- stadw0n306... 448
12- Kanga-Kucha... 238


Pool A
1- Sportsmen... 13570
2- halfback28... 13467
3- roughyfan... 13248
4- blackdale... 12758
5- Mancat... 12613
6- Boozers... 12448
7- jm02... 12196
8- Als_All_The_Way... 12193
9- Fooks... 12169
10- ro1313... 11814
11- Eskylo... 11682
12- sambo42... 11569
13- sportscards84... 11093

Pool B
1- Third_And_Ten... 12698
2- UglyandHasty... 12618
3- PegCityJets9... 12593
4- stadw0n306... 12205
5- esk123... 12080
6- RedandWhite... 12079
7- EskTMac... 11946
8- stampsfan22... 11934
9- Bamboo... 11641
10- 42monkey42... 11411
11- Dr. Rise... 11287
12- Kanga-Kucha... 9920


QB- Ricky Ray, Damon Allen
HB- Kenton Keith, Troy Davis
WR- Geroy Simon, Matt Dominguez
DL- Fred Perry, Jonathon Brown
LB- Duane Butler, Reggie Hunt
DB- Eddie Davis, Barron Miles / Korey Banks
KP- Paul McCallum

Team points: 1863 points.


With his 349 points, Kenton Keith was 5 points short of tying Milt Stegall for this year’s best weekly production.


Funny fact #1

  • This week’s top score would have been just enough last week to avoid finishing dead last.

Funny fact #2

  • Rocky Butler’s stats weren’t officially tallied because no one has him in its pool, but a quick look at his stats shows he would have outscored this week’s best QB (Ricky Ray) by over 50 points !

Funny fact #3

  • All those (like me) who benched a non playing quarterback, but dressed Anthony Calvillo should have done otherwise, for AC now holds the record for lowest weekly productivity: a contribution of minus 14 points !


Ouch all you want jm02, you are still making ground on the leaders. You are now ranked 7th, 550 points behind a playoff spot. That's a huge improvement over a month ago, when you ranked so low you looked like an Edmonton Eskimo!

The top 4 in each pool make the play-offs?

Pffttt.....playoff spot is still outta sight for me for let's talk about what really counts here - I beat roughyfan and ro1313 this

And yes, that first bye week really hurt me, but I take comfort in the fact that I'm not Eskylo!! :wink:

But I'm still over a 1000 points up on you jm, that's a long, long climb.

One at a time, wasn't so long ago that ro1313 was one position ahead of me, and now he's three behind.....Boozers is the one in my sights

Then pick wisely when you make your changes, with half the season left to go anything can heppen. Rocky Butler had a good week last week, he could be a very good pick. :wink:

…simply hilarious…while I was no Eskylo, I thought my heavy stampeder load would depth-charge me outta contention…good week everyone, real nice…

Pfft ! Like that is hard to achieve !..

Yes roughyfan, the first four make the playoffs.

I know, I know....."candy from a baby......"

Too bad you're not in the much weaker pool B jm or else you'd be only 9 points out of a play-off position.

In pool B, we are too zen to be preoccupied with material things such as fantasy points.

You're only zen because you have to be.....I'd be introspective, too, if I had the pool with the weaker scores..... :wink:

I was 11th place in my division after week 2, and now I've jumped up all the way to 5th over the weeks!

Atta boy, esks123!! If I recall correctly, I was in 12th in my pool just over a month ago.....not sure what that says for us, but I'm sure it says something! :smiley:

I'm re-sharpening my darts for the second out! :wink:

Unfortunately for RedandWhite he was using the suction-cup type darts and he forgot to lick them after each use. Good thing he's in the "Zen" pool.

i forgot about the bye weeks lol, and i jus t copyed and pasted from my notepad on my desktop, at least everyone did shitty lol

Wow! I thought I had a bad week but I finished first for the week! Hopefully my changes will help me out in this second half, as my defensive picks were nothing short of brutal.