CFL Fantasy Huddle - Grey Cup

And then there was two.

The Fantasy Huddle Grey Cup will be:

Fooks vs Sambo42

Sambo, I'm thinking that with only one of each position our rosters will be too similar. How do you feel about picking 2 receivers? So it would look like this:


Let me's up to you.

No need to pm me the picks you can just post them here and I'll do the same.

Good luck Sambo42 and thanks again to everyone who played for a fun season!


P.S. Can I get this stickied and the other one unstickied please?

Sounds good to me Fooks, I will post my team later on in the week.

I'm now going to the game so the results will be a little late coming. I'm sure you understand :slight_smile:

My picks for the Grey Cup game:

QB- Kerry Joseph SSK
RB- Charles Roberts WPG
WR- Andy Fantuz SSK
WR- Derek Armstrong WPG
DL- John Chick SSK
LB- Barrin Simpson WPG
DB- Eddie Davis SSK
K- Luca Congi SSK

Good luck Fooks and enjoy yourself at the game!

My Team:

QB - Joseph
RB - Roberts
WR - Fantuz
WR - Flick
DL - Chick
LB - Hunt
DB - Davis
K - Congi

Good luck Sambo.

Hmmm... Armstrong vs Flick and Simspons vs Hunt.

Gonna be close!

Good luck to both of you! :smiley:

I'm thinkin' sam got it...judges?

I think so, Armstrong definitely beat of Flick.

Congrats, Sambo!

It was a close one.

I would like to congratulate, and crown, the 2007 CFL Fantasy Huddle Champion


Put your feet up, enjoy your bragging rights for the year and the rest of us will look on in envy as we look forward to next year.

Thank you everyone for playing. I hope you enjoyed playing as much as I enjoyed running it and I hope you'll all come back to play next year.

Oh and one more thing: WE GOT THE CUP!!! YEAH!

Joseph 217
Roberts 55
Fantuz 120
Armstrong 100
Chick 76
Simpson 37
Davis 51
Congi 110

Joseph 217
Roberts 55
Fantuz 120
Flick 38
Chick 76
R.Hunt 31
Davis 51
Congi 110

Congrats again Sambo!

Thanks Fooks and Chief, I waited until it became official before I posted. It was a lot of fun and look forward to next year.

Yeah, next year I'll try to actually follow my team so I don't fall behind again. :lol:

Congrats Sambo.

Next year, I wont pick Dickenson! :wink: :wink: