Ladies and gentlemen, we are now down to the final two contenders for this 2006 season.

In the Red corner, representing Pool A, the rookie poster, Mancat, still firing on all cylinders after being the highest scorer for the last two weeks.

In the Blue corner, the Winnipeger who'll come closest to a Championship victory this year, representing Pool B, PegCityJets9.


Match # 1

  • halfback28 : 823 points
  • Mancat : 1 017 points

Match # 2

  • RedandWhite : 804 points
  • PegCityJets9 : 845 points

roses are red
and violets are blue
mancat and "pool a"
listen up pegcity
we're going to walk all over you.
drum roll please
rb smith bc
w/s simon bc
dl b. johnson bc
lb glatt bc
db miles bc
k duval

it looks like I'll have to root for b.c. lions
especially since my hometown detroit lions blow.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I just seen your players Mr. pegcity sir.
I hope I don't have to eat humble pie :cowboy:

Pool A
All the way!!

Go mancat, Go mancat, Go!!

Hey.....gotta get involved somehow, right? :wink:

by the looks of it, i think i have the better chance at winning..why? cuz i have a qb lol

here we go
QB-Anthony Calvillo
HB-Robert Edwards
R-Geroy Simon
DL-Brent Johnson
LB-Javier Glatt
DB-Baron Miles
K-Paul McCallum

i think this matchup will be good, considering we dont have the same running back or kicker..i just have a qb, and u dont..the rest of our players are the same...good luck, and hay, wheres my peeps from pool B??

what happens if there is a tie? :cowboy:

...hay?....hay is for horses......age bows out to youthful vigor, good job PCJ9, I thought you'd best me, damn that Allen, go sell Viagra now.....good representin the B Pool, the pool with the finer genetics and generally better smelling folk...

Hmmm ... better smelling eh?.. maybe it was because of all the axe and tag sprays you guys used to try to lure jm into your pool....

.....didn't work, though, sambo.....I prefer substance over style..... :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job all....good luck to both contestants.

it looks like when you cross out the similar players, the matchup is:

Mancat-Joe Smith, Paul McCallum
PegCityJets9-Calvillo, Edwards, Duval

according to my calculations, we have a winner by a total of 2 pts., I'll see if Third calculates the same, take into account fumbles.

let me remind you that im the one that had mcCallum, not mancat..he had duval..just making sure u no that..cuz there shouldnt be any reason why there is a 2 point difference

yup, I screwed up, my mistake...anyway,

By the power invested in me by myself, I proclaim the 2nd Annual CFL Fantasy Huddle Champion to be:


Congrats you guys! Good job!

Thanks to Third for doing all the stats.

Hey guys, I'm sorry for the delay. I kinda forgot there was still CFL stuff going on after the Grey Cup Game. Here's the official chart.

PegCityJets9 flat out beat Mancat with a score of 738 to 428. We knew all along that Pool B members were the strongest...

ahh how sweet it is...ill be ready and waiting for next season's version to begin to defend my far im 1 for 1, hopefull i can go 2 for 2

congrats peg you whipped me. I just bought a house and moved. so I had no internet. I'm at the library. Now I understand the canadian game strategy much better. again congrats. maybee next year. :cowboy:

I won't be setting this up next year, so someone else will have to take the reigns. You guys did pretty well in my absence and this thing is growing pretty well so you guys shouldn't have any difficulties in keeping this going if you so wish. Just don't ruin my game, eh guys?