CFL Fantasy Huddle - Division Semi Finals

Playoff time baby! What a magical time of the year.

The match-ups will kind of mirror how the CFL playoffs are held with the top 2 getting a bye to the finals and 3-6 playing in the semis. The match-ups will be decided using regular season seeding (top finisher always plays the lowest finisher). So the matchups are:

RedandWhite vs Sportsmen


Billy_Soup vs jm02

Blue_Dragoon and myself, Fooks get a bye to next week.

Roster requirements:

We will start the same number of players that we started in the regular season. The difference is we will not have a bench and you can pick any player you wish. The key point is that players do not carry-over to next week. Next week, the winners will choose a completely new roster.

So please pick (from Edmonton, Winnipeg, BC, or Saskatchewan)


For the Grey Cup we will halve the number of spots and you will only pick one of each position.

You can pm your picks if you wish to keep them secret.

Any questions? Please post them below early so I can answer them for everyone.


How to roll the dice????? I wanted to Load up with Calgary and Montreal players as I think that will get me to the final, but that could easilly back fire.

Hmmmm, a nice mixing of all 6 teams. I may have to think this out instead of using the dart board again. :wink:

...sporty, you missed the part about this being a one week pick, if you beat me (hey, could happen I suppose) then you get to pick an entirely new roster next week....good luck pardner, you're the one player I won't mind losing to....

Yikes, the eyes are the first to go. You are a real SPORTSMAN Red. When I first read that and it said no bench, I thought well, Ill stop confusing the waters. I went back and re-read everything again.

Good Luck R&W! And thanks for straightening me out!

I had a question about when the deadline for rosters are.

The deadline is the same as the regular season: 1 minute before kickoff.

I wouldn't actually wait that long because of internet problems, etc but that's the timestamp I will be looking for.

...just pm'd you my roster Fooks, if you can confirm you've received it that would be great...Good Luck Sporty!!!....

QB - R. Ray - Edm
QB - K. Glenn - Wpg
RB - W. Cates - Ssk
RB - F. Reid - Wpg
WR/SB - Dressler - Ssk
WR/SB - K. Campbell - Edm
DL - J. Chick - Ssk
DL - G. Walls - Wpg
LB - A. Mckenzie - Ssk
LB - Z. Mereno - Wpg
DB - K. Banks - BC
DB - E. Davis - Ssk
K - L. Congi - Ssk

I'm not scared to show you my team Jm, Bring it.

Thanks again Fooks for doing this. Good luck to all

Also, Blue_Dragoon if you want to flex yourself a little more you are welcome to post or send me picks to see how you matched up to the competitors. It’s just for fun but I picked myself a roster to see how I would have done.

Aah...the classic "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" tactic...I'll gladly oblige, but after setting my roster, then looking at yours, we are different at only one position on defense. All other selections were the same...gmta, I I am going to go back and peruse some more, and set my final roster later on...gonna see if I can't do something I'm comfortable with, which will also provide some more entertainment in this for us this week...

Well, not too many differences in our lineups, so it comes down to four players total…

QBs Ray, Glenn
RBs Cates, Reid
WRs/SBs Dressler, Peterson
DL Walls, Wake
LBs Moreno, Lloyd
DBs Goss, Davis
K Congi

Best of luck to all. Billy, win or lose, you’ll prove a commendable foe…

Crap! I just saw this post. I'm on my way to the game in the next 10 minutes (got some things to do on the way) so I'll throw up some really fast picks:

QBs Ray, Glenn
RBs Logan, Reid
WRs/SBs Dressler, Bryant
DL Wake, Ellis
LBs Moreno, Lloyd
DBs Miles, Banks
K Congi

Good luck next week, Billy...pretty positive you kicked my derriere this weekend...wouldn't have mattered if I had left my team the way it originally was, as I took Lloyd over McKenzie, and you had be beat there anyway...