CFL Fantasy Huddle - Division Semi Finals

Playoff time baby! Congrats to the following players to make it to the playoffs:

  1. jm02
  2. roughyfan
  3. Fooks
  4. RedandWhite
  5. Sambo42
  6. Halfback28

Like in the CFL the top teams get a bye to the Division Finals. So jm02 and roughyfan, take the week off, enjoy the first home playoff game in 19 years (I hope you got some tickets!) and we'll see you here next week. The rest of us have some work to do.

Playoffs will work like this:

-Players will go head to head in a seeded match-up based on regular season standings (3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5)
-The player with the highest score will move on to the next week.
-In the highly unlikely event of a tie, total number of touchdowns, then passing yards, then receiving yards then rushing yards will be used to break it.
-Each player will pick only starters (no bench players) for the week in the same format as the regular season.
-Each week the remaining players will be able to completely change their entire roster if they wish - there are unlimited changes week to week.
-In the Grey cup we will half the number of players to pick, meaning you will be able to pick only 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, etc.
-The player with the highest score after the Grey Cup will be crowned the CFL Fantasy Huddle Champion 2007 and will be able to brag and berate other posters endlessly until next year's champion is crowned.

The matchups are:

Fooks Vs. Halfback28


RedandWhite Vs. Sambo42

Please pick in this format:


Remember you can change your roster entirely next week if you win, so pick players that are playing this week only.

I suggest PMs so you can keep your picks a secret and not give any edge to your opponents.

There are two ways we can submit picks.

Since I tally the points and am participating in the playoffs we can elect a separate person to receive the rosters OR if you guys trust me to not check your pms until after the games you can just send them to me. Let me know what you want to do. I will be sending my picks to Sportsmen before kickoff so he can verify my roster.

Thanks for everyone who played for a great year and good luck in the playoffs!

...all right!....Sambo my friend prepare to eat my dust....I'll pm the record breaking picks to you this week Fooks... for your honesty item, pfft, is there any question?....I have no issue with it...but I would suggest that you open the PMs just prior to the game start as opposed to after the unopened PM can be edited without the recipient knowing it has been edited, thereby allowing post game changes without anyone knowing....we can't allow Sambo that kind of sneaky way out of his inevitable and utter defeat....

I'd make it a "one hour before kickoff" deadline, or something like that, and release the rosters then...

Sounds good to me. I won't have to pm my picks to anyone then. You're off the hook Sporty! Nominated and then removed in a few hours got Luca Congi'd!

Thanks for doing the Huddle Fooks. Good Luck R&W, and the rest of the players who made the playoffs.

Should be a dogfight, I can't wait!, O.K. Mr. Vick....

...picks sent via PM Fooks....

I PMed my picks to you too Fooks, and if things go the way the should, R&W will be in next year country…

My bad Red, i guess after what happened that whole dogfight statement will soon be going the way of old yeller :wink: Only Kidding, best of luck to everyone in their matchups and may the best man win!

...well, the best man THIS week, anyway...:wink:

I have all the picks in so I'm going to post them a little early because I have some 'pre-game' festivities to take part in.*

*I'm going to go get drunk before noon.


3 vs. 6 Match-up

QB - Joseph
QB - Burris
RB - Reynolds
RB - Roberts
WR - Fantuz
WR - Copeland
DL - Canada
DL - Perry
LB - Simpson
LB - Lucas
DB - Cox
DB - Davis
K - Congi

QB - Kerry Joseph
QB - Kevin Glenn
RB - Charles Roberts
RB - Joffrey Reynolds
WR - Milt Stegall
WR - Andy Fantuz
DL - Fred Perry
DL - Tom Canada
LB - Maurice Lloyd
LB - Barrin Simpson
DB - James Johnson
DB - Randy Drew
K - Luca Congi

Good luck Halfback28. Some nice matchups in this one.

4 vs. 5 Match-up

QB - Joseph SSK
QB - Glenn WPG
RB - Reynolds CGY
RB - Cates SSK
WR - Lewis CGY
WR - Stegall WPG
DL - Brown WPG
DL - Walls WPG
LB - Simpson WPG
LB - Hunt SSK
DB - Browner CGY
DB - Gordon SSK
K - Deangelis CGY

QB Kerry Joseph SSK
QB Kevin Glenn WPG
RB Charles Roberts WPG
RB Wes Cates SSK
WR Andy Fantuz SSK
WR Milt Stegall WPG
DL Fred Perry SSK
DL Tom Canada WPG
LB Barrin Simpson WPG
LB Reggie Hunt SSK
DB Eddie Davis SSK
DB Arabin Justin SSK
K Luca Congi SSK

Cates isn't playing but you both picked him so it's a moot point. Good going guys....

Good luck to all this week.

...just pm'd you the change from Cates to Holmes Fooks, we can switch up to game time can't we?...

Looks like we both got stuck with Cates..

I didn't think you could switch to gametime, but I was under the impression that you could switch prior to the one hour before kickoff thingy proposed earlier...can we get some clarification for this for next week, Fooks? I switched some four to five hours before game time...9:30-ish can that be wrong?....

I don't think it should be wrong, personally...

I'm guessing there shouldn't be any issue with it considering it was nearly 5 hours before the game time and it would have been impossible to predict whether Cates was playing when Red made his original picks. Since he did change it before the deadline, I don't see any problem with it.

Can't wait for the Results Fooks, should be some close match ups!

Sorry about my silence on the subject. I was a little busy soaking in the first home playoff game that I can remember.

Thankfully for me (and one of you) that it didn't matter either way. Holmes vs. Payton wouldn't have made a difference. Well played guys and see the other thread for the results.