CFL Fantasy Huddle - Division Finals!!

This is it baby. The doorway to the big dance. I'm pumped. 4 Rider fans...why do we have to fight? Let's just buy a case (or 3) of Pil and sit and watch the game together on Sunday. Oh, that's right..bragging rights. Let's get it on then!

The match-ups are: 1 vs. 5 and 2 vs. 3

jm02 vs. Sambo42

Fooks vs roughyfan

In case roughy and jm missed the rules last week (doubt it but still..) I'll repost them.

-Players will go head to head in a seeded match-up based on regular season standings (1 vs. 5 and 2 vs. 3)
-The player with the highest score will move on to the next week.
-In the highly unlikely event of a tie, total number of touchdowns, then passing yards, then receiving yards then rushing yards will be used to break it.
-Each player will pick only starters (no bench players) for the week in the same format as the regular season.
-Each week the remaining players will be able to completely change their entire roster if they wish - there are unlimited changes week to week.
-In the Grey cup we will halve the number of players to pick, meaning you will be able to pick only 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, etc.
-The player with the highest score after the Grey Cup will be crowned the CFL Fantasy Huddle Champion 2007 and will be able to brag and berate other posters endlessly until next year's champion is crowned.

Please pick in this format:


Remember you can change your roster entirely next week if you win, so pick players that are playing this week only.

I'll be at home and able to post the teams at a strict 1hr before kickoff. The deadline for receiving changes is 1hr before kickoff.

I apologive again for the confusion last week I just didn't want to have to come back somehow to a computer to post the teams.

Bring it, sam... :twisted:

Oh I will trust me on that-- you might be a bit more of a challenge than my last opponent was, however... :wink:

I dunno, Red's pretty challenged, sam...hard to compete with that...:slight_smile:

Can someone sticky this and unsticky the semi-final thread?

Here we go...very similar teams you two. It's pretty much Fantuz vs. Stegall and Kenny Wheaton vs. Byron Parker. Should be interesting.

1 vs. 5

QB Joseph
QB Glenn
RB Smith
RB Roberts
WR Simon
WR Stegall
DL Johnson
DL Perry
LB Simpson
LB Eiben
DB Parker
DB Davis
K Congi



QB- Kerry Joseph SSK
QB- Kevin Glenn WPG
RB- Charles Roberts WPG
RB- Joe Smith BC
WR- Andy Fantuz SSK
WR- Geroy Simon BC
DL- Fred Perry SSK
DL- Jonathan Brown TOR
LB- Barrin Simspon WPG
LB- Kevin Eiben TOR
DB- Eddie Davis SSK
DB- Kenny Wheaton TOR
K- Luca Congi SSK

...yes..I went with Bishop.

2 vs. 3


QB Joseph
QB Jackson
RB Roberts
RB Smith
WR Fantuz
WR Simon
DL Wake
DL Brown (Win)
LB Simpson
LB Hunt
DB Parker
DB Phillips
K Congi


QB - Joseph
QB - Bishop
RB - Roberts
RB - Smith
WR - Simon
WR - Fantuz
DL - Canada
DL - Wake
LB - Simpson
LB - Hunt
DB - Davis
DB - Wheaton
K - Congi

lmao - told you it'd be essentially the same team, of luck to you, and may the best chick win... :wink:

So it comes down to 4 players on both teams. Good luck Fooks.

Well sam, it's not lookin' good for me right now...

Congrats Fooks, good luck next week.