CFL fantasy football

Join our fantasy circle. League name, green and gold is bold. Or just join or create your own. Super fun, doesn't take all day like NFL fantasy. That's great too don't get me wrong this is just less time consuming and my league is a little light after a year list to covid. Or join this one also

1473794 ESKIMOS.

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found it and joined and no doubt one elk player will be used in my fantasy alot

I picked my roster waaayyy to early lol but I'm just excited. I hope you enjoy it :beers:

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i've only picked Acklin , Ellingson and Ticats Defense so far since those 3 are safe bets for now . rest likely will wait till depth charts come out

It turns into a shell game pretty fast on Wednesday evening :rofl:

Also welcome aboard! There is a bigger pool were all apart of as well. We lost 90% Of our players to covid. If you wanna join the bigger one lemme know and I'll look it up :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey ticatfan94....the large League is called

1473794 ESKIMOS

Just an FYI :relaxed: don't mind all the EE naming. There's fans of all Teams involved just unchanged league names.

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joined now im a part of 11 cfl fantasy leagues


I'm already a member. Didn't I win it the last three years in a row? Last year anyway.

In the meantime, I'm wondering why so few Eskimo and other CFL fans are willing to pay tribute to the great Jackie Parker:

Ol' Spaghetti Legs

Or the great Normie Kwong:

China Clippers

By joining the above Leagues started in their honour?


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Yeah fox I remember you from fantasy lol I'm trying to boost the numbers in our little pool lol. Appreciate you playing though. Cool to see you in the forum . Big day tomorrow

I'm ready and raring to go!