CFL Fantasy Football

Looking for another 1 to 3 teams to fill out our league a the easy and FREE

We keep it simple: only offensive players, a kicker and special teams. Send me a private note and I'll send you an invite! :rockin:

In need of ONE GM. One of our GMs has vanished. There is a ready-made team for you. Just need your e-mail address and team name! We are a friendly bunch!

Hi mark,

I would love to join. Don't wanna give my email out on here though, do you have the site I can go to to join?
Also I have a team name. The juggernauts!

Cheers, Corey

A new league is starting on

Caesar Fantasy Football League

looking for 4 new players , starting from week 2, offence and defense points, waiver and budget set, autodraft for this year and keeper league for the next seasons

just send me your email and I will invite you

thank you

Hey Mark,

Im interested in joining your league. Are you still looking for people?