CFL Fantasy Football

Looking for another 1 to 3 teams to fill out our league a the easy and FREE

We keep it simple: only offensive players, a kicker and special teams. Send me a private note and I'll send you an invite! :rockin:

Is this some kinda scam I find it funny noone has shown interest also when I tried to message you it said non existant user

No scam! I've posted on this board 450 times and big CFL fan. Just good old fantasy football. Let me try to shoot you a message.

I can vouch for Mark. It's not a scam! I've managed a team for a few years and it's a lot of fun.

Thanks Dave. Actually it is a scam, I'm selling Ti-Cat season tix :lol:

A new league is starting on

Caesar Fantasy Football League

looking for 4 new players , starting from week 2, offence and defense points, waiver and budget set, autodraft for this year and keeper league for the next seasons

just send me your email and I will invite you

thank you