CFL Fantasy Football

Looking for another 1 to 3 teams to fill out our league a the easy and FREE

We keep it simple: only offense, a kicker and special teams. Post your e-mail or send me a private note and I'll send you an invite!

Is it close to's fantasy league set-up? And completely free to play?

Not familiar with yes, this one is completely free! Easy, fun, etc. We have done it three years, mellow group. Send me your e-mail and I can send you an invite to check it out.

Ill think about it, doing and NFL fantasy draft with 10 teams and all of people who i know, 5th straight year. Ill see if a few want to do CFL and get back to you

Screw the NFL, all about the CFL, brother! Kidding...we are up to 6 and can only accommodate 2 more. Our draft is Saturday. Don't worry about not knowing anyone..we are spread out all over and don't know each beyond the league. Lemme know!

I'm in, if there is still room, private message me the info!

Hey Saskfan..looks like your pvt message feature is not available?

Adjusted my settings you should be able to now.

I'm in, you can contact me at

TSN is operating CFL Fantasy this season. Is this the first time?

In need of ONE GM. One of our GMs has vanished. There is a ready-made team for you. Just need your e-mail address and team name! We are a friendly bunch!

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A new league is starting on

Caesar Fantasy Football League

looking for 4 new players , starting from week 2, offence and defense points, waiver and budget set, autodraft for this year and keeper league for the next seasons

just send me your email and I will invite you

thank you

Still looking for 2 GM, fell free to email me to and you will receive your invite

thank you very much


Hey Mark,

Im interested in joining your league. Are you still looking for people?