CFL Fantasy Football teams wanted...

Hi Everyone,

With the CFL starting up soon was wondering if anyone would like to play here:

It's pretty cheap, just $10. Let me know if anyone is interested. I can get the ball rolling. The cap is 8 teams.

Thanks Mark

No one? C'mon we have a lot of experts on this board!

Season starts next week. Check out this site: Trying to get a league going. You don't have live in Canada, games are on ESPN3 and likely some US TV as well.

Here is a player primer from this site: ... nkings.cfm

OK, up to 4, would like to get 8...any others? Might make it free too...message me!!!

im interested.

Great...3 spots left now!

i'm in. how do i register?

I've sent messages to those who have inquired. Be sure to check your in boxes on this site!