CFL Fanstasy Huddle - Week 13

I'll start with these amazing and completely sober selections.......

QB – Dickenson, BC
QB – Ray, EDM
RB – Warren, BC
RB – Ranek, OTT
SB – Simon, BC
SB – Thelwell, BC
PK - DeAngelis, CAL
DL – Abdullah, CAL
DL – Montford, EDM
LB – Grace, CAL
LB – Gass, EDM
DB – Wiltshire, EDM
DB – Sanchez, EDM

QB-Glenn Wpg
QB-Calvilo mtl
RB-Kieth ssk
RB-Roberts wpg
Rec- Simon bc
rec- Anderson mtl
DL- Johnson BC
DL- Davis ssk
LB- Hunt ssk
LB- Simpson BC
DB- Hall wpg
DB- Davis ssk
K- Deangelis

QB - Ricky Ray
QB - Dave Dickenson
RB - Antonio Warren
RB - Charles Roberts
WR - Jason Tucker
WR - Jason Clermont
DL - Joe Montford
DL - Brent Johnson
LB - Barrin Simpson
LB - Kevin Eiben
DB - Davis Sanchez
DB - Kelly Malveaux
K - Hayden Epstien

QB Dickenson Calvillo
RB Roberts Warren
WR Simon Thelwell
DL Johnson Mountford
LB Eiban Grace
DB Sanchez Wiltshire
K Duval

QB-Dave Dickenson (B.C.)
QB-Anthony Calvillo(MON)
RB-Kenton Keith (SASK)
RB-Robert Edwards (MON)
SB/WR-Geroy Simon (B.C.)
SB/WR-Jermaine Copeland(CGY)
DL-Rahim Abdullah(CGY)
DL-Brent Johnson(B.C.)
LB-John Grace(CGY)
LB-Reggie Hunt(SASK)
DB- Corey Banks(OTT)
DB-Eddie Davis (SASK)
P/K- Sandro DeAngelis(CGY)

QB's - Kerry Joseph and Ricky Ray
RB's - Charles Roberts and Joffrey Reynolds
WR's/SB's - Jason Tucker and Ryan Thelwell
DL - Rahim Abdullah and Anthony Collier
LB's - Reggie Hunt and AJ Gass
DB's - Korey Banks and Davis Sanchez
K - Damon Duval

thanks for getting this up, and a belated thanks to whoever did it last week...despite ur terrible grammar

Ricky Ray (Edmonton Eskimos) --Comon, no more picks Ricky please!--
Dave Dickenson (BC Lions)

Robert Edwards (Montreal Allouettes)
Jeoffrey Reynolds (Calgary Stampeders)

[u]Wide Receivers/Slot Backs[/u]
Jason Tucker (Edmonton Eskimos)
Chris Brazzell (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

[u]Defensive Line[/u]
Joe Montford (Edmonton Eskimos)
Tim Cheatwood (Hamilton Tiger-Cats)

Singor Mobley (Edmonton Eskimos)
Barrin Simpson (BC Lions)

[u]Defensive Backs[/u]
Davis Sanchez (Edmonton Eskimos)
Stanford Samuels (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

Hayden Epstein (Edmonton Eskimos)

QB- Ricky Ray EDM, Dave Dickenson BC
RB- Charles Roberts WPG, Robert Edwards MTL
WR- Jason Tucker EDM, Geroy Simon BC
DL- Joe Montford EDM, Tim Cheatwood HAM
LB- John Grace CGY, Singor Mobley EDM
DB- Davis Sanchez EDM, Baron Miles BC
K- Sandro DeAngelis CGY

just thought I might help half of you out there. Burris is NOT playing. So it may be hard to get points from him. I know I have no chance at winning so....

thanks for the heads up billy_soup

QB Dickenson, Calvillo
RB Roberts,Edwards
WR Simon, Cahoon
DL Johnson Mountford
LB Eiban Grace
DB Sanchez Wiltshire
K Duval

Eskimos32001 please do note that I changed my Burris pick to Ray as Burris is now playing (i edited it as well)

QB - Anthony Calvillo (Mtl)
QB - Ricky Ray (Edm)
HB - Robert Edwards (Mtl)
HB - Charles Roberts (Wpg)
WR - Geroy Simon (BC)
WR - Ryan Thelwell (BC)
DL - Joe Montford (Edm)
DL - Rashad Jeanty (Edm)
LB - Duane Butler (Mtl)
LB - George White (Cgy)
DB - Donnie Brady (Edm)
DB - Davis Sanchez (Edm)
K - Damon Duval (Mtl)

With All The Teams Pretty Evenly Matched It’s Looking Difficult To Pick The Players That’ll Stand Out

R. Ray
D. Dickenson

J. Reynolds
C. Roberts

J. Tucker
B. Cahoon

T. Cheatwood
J. Montford

S. Mobley
C. Kidd

W. Lysack
M. Frank

D. O’Mahony


QBs - Dickenson, Ray
RBs - Warren, Reynolds
SB/WRs - Simon, Tucker
DL - Montford, Johnson
LBs - Grace, Hunt
DBs - Davis, Sanchez
PK - Duval

Thanks 32001, and to whomever is his helpful comrade this week. . .

QB Ray Edm
Qb Dickesnon BC
RB Roberts Win
RB Reynolds Cal
WR Simon BC
WR Thelwell BC
DL Cheatwood Ham
DL Johnson BC
LB Grace Cal
LB Simpson BC
DB Banks Ott
DB Lysack Win
K O'Mahony BC

Here we are, once again, for another week of Huddle Picking. Not as painful as nosepicking with long nails, I'm sure.
QB: Dickenson and Joseph
RB: Edwards (Mont) and Warren
SB/WR: Tucker and Copeland
DL: Canada and Montford
LB: Grace and Simpson
DB: Wiltshire and Banks
K: DeAngelis

QB's: Joseph (ott) Ray (edm)
RB's: Reynolds (Cal), Davis (Ham)
WR's: Tucker (Edm) Armstead (Ott)
DL: Montford (Edm) Fleming (Wpg)
LB: Simpson (BC) Gass (Edm)
DB: Clemons (Ott) Frank (Edm)
K: Boreham (Ham)