CFL fans unite!

I suggest if you are not happy with the CFL allowing the likes of Williams a guy who can not follow the rules ( 4 time loser )!
Then I suggest you boo him every time he touches the ball send a message not only to him but the CFL. Show support to the good guys of the CFL the guys that follow the rules! Yes there is no drug policy here but they should have honored the NFL's.

I have No Problem with Ricky Willams..

I do Have Problem with People who Think they are sinless..

Ricky Atleast is not Berry Bonds..

If you were really serious about your so called "out rage" then you wouldn't support the CFL with any of your own money. BOOOOING? The ARGOS a booed on the road regardless of Williams or not. I hope this is a joke because it sure is funny. :lol: :lol: :lol:

And while you are at it boy cott MAIMI and the NFL , as well. Because with out their blessing , none of this would have happened.

Maybe you could invite JOE THEISMAN to boo with you. :lol:

And people may boo him in CALGARY because he and the ARGOS may just kick CALGARY'S butt. :lol: :thup:

hellothere, if you support the CFL, it does not mean you support the Argos. One can still by football tickets at McMahon Stadium to support its team, who doesn't hire high-profile drug addicts. Why would redwhite2005 punish himself and stop watching just because he doesn't condone a decision made by another team?

redwhite2005, I think your strategy would backfire. In the entertainment business, the athlete who makes you boo the loudest is just as good a property as the one who makes you cheer the most. Teams want to hire the guys who draw your emotions, whatever they are.

Both CALGARY and MONTREAL TRIED to sign LAWRENCE PHILIPS , who also had a checkered past according to THE CALGARY SUN ARTICLE.

By buying tickets to any CFL game you are condonning the CFL's actions in this manner.

Montreal also tried to sign WILLIAMS , and again it says that in the CALGARY SUN article. I quoted that article for you , but good luck finding it now. :roll:

Montreal and Calgary did not only try to sigh Lawrence Philipps. They succeeded in doing so.

I can't say I was really proud of my birds. Neither was I when they hired Quincy Carter.

But thing is, you do not necessarily condone your team's action because you buy tickets. You buy tickets for those other 45 players you like on the roster. You buy tickets because football runs in your blood.

Imagine the Argos would sign someone you REALLY dislike, for whatever reason. Would you be able to stop watch YOUR team, YOUR league, YOUR sport just because of that. What would you do then? Knit sweaters on Friday nights instead of getting your CFL fix?

Naaaaaah ! You'd probably find another way of expressing your discontent. Cutting yourself from football would only punish yourself.

BTW, I've seen your article. It mesmerizes me to see the Als would have added Williams to their neg list. Why?... I mean, we have a great talented power back, and he doesn't cost half a million bucks...

But the point is that they did put him on their list , and then whined like spoiled children because they were not fast enough to get him. :roll:

It me it is called hypocracy , to be mad about this , complain and then do nothing about it except bitch here. :roll:

The only difference between Bonds and Williams is that Ricky was caught , not once but four times! They are investigating Bonds , but he has never tested positive for any banned substance, or any masking agent. If Bonds does get caught , then actions should be taken. I do think Bonds did take steroids, but it was legal to do in baseball until this year. McGwire openly took Andro, but his records are not erased because of baseball's stupidity on the steroid issue.

I agree with RW05, maybe fans should boycott the Argos when they come to play your team, to show your displeasure with signing Williams. Another action to take is to not watch the Argos when they are on TV.


You're making the subject shifts. It wasn't about the Als. It was about what one should do when discontent with a move made by a team.

Anyways, I am way glad the Als did not get him, because Williams is only here for a year. If you hire him now and let your other starting running back go, then next year, you're back to square one.

How are we supposed to read the article if we cant find it??

The article is in the "JOE THEISMANN SAYS , Williams is a Disgrace" thread , near the end.

It is called " JOE THEISMANN Offside " written by the Calgary SUN.

I had it as a thread topic , but some didn't like what it said. That is just my opinion :roll:

Here we go with unjustified accusations again.

It's nothing new. Threads on same topics are often (if not always) merged. You can say the good and the bad things about one same topic in the same thread.

And the reason why the other title was the title of the merged thread was because it was the oldest title.

Stop looking for a fight.

I am not looking for a fight , and I am allowed my opinion. There have been some complaints about certain MODS lately , that I didn't start. see " sticky threads "

Since most of the MODS are against Williams and the pot issue moving a thread topic doesn't look good , in my opinion.

The only thing that people see here is JOE THEISMANN's negative title of a thread.

I have already been asked by one poster here [who doesn't agree with me] " where can I find the CALGARY article "

And as for saying that talking about MONTREAL is changing the subject , MONTREAL tried to get Willians and then complained when they were too late. I don't say these thing lightly , and you should know better.

I read that article , so, according to you , HT, Theismann isnt entitled to his opinion, wether you agree with it or not.

Hey, maybe if Barry Bonds does get caught, maybe the Toronto Blue Jays can sign him :expressionless:

I hope RW bring the CFL success and stays for the long run, he is a good football player, but like most of you, I will hope that he gets blow out of the water by the CFL's game and talent on par with the NFL.

It's amazing that the best players are now coming north, not south.

Again you are token toooo much! The fans in Montreal or Calgary did not sign him the teams did. It did not mean that we liked Lawrence Phillips the quicker he was removed from the team the better the team was off. To much distraction caused by these kind of nit witts much like some one I have had the pleasure of chatting with on this site ( you spell it sight ) but that is ok you finally learned something!

NO do not boycott that only hurts your team but booing this bone head everytime he touches the ball sends him a message and tells the all the players that follow the rules that we support them. The ARgo’s are turning into a Juvie rehab centre! ha ha ha You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it!

Why is he not entitled? He played for the Argo's and now he looks at this organization differently then when he played. I see it the same way, it is a cheap way to sell seats!