CFL fans in Australia

Hey Guys

I may be relocating to Australia for a few years and I'm wondering if there are any CFL Fans in Australia?


I know quite a few Rider fans in Australia (both native Australians and Canadians abroad) , so ya there are a few of them there.

When Bob Young was on TSN last night for an interview, he mentioned he was getting messages from people in Australia.

I think Mayor Fred's boomerang is going to come back a little faster then he figured on. He might want to duck. :slight_smile:

Sent a email to Mayor Fred this morning with an attachment of Glen Suitor's comments. I also told him he will lose the Football Hall Of Fame if the Tiger Cats move to another location.


Hey I hope you get to enjoy it more down there for sure also with this great deal known as the internet and pirate CFL viewing.

Also perhaps you'll enjoy the Super XV rugby as well especially after next year when rugby (union) finally changes some of its outdated or bad laws to boost the action in the game.

As for Aussie Rules or rugby league and cricket, well those are more popular in Australia than rugby union and perhaps you'll enjoy them too, but perhaps like me and others you'll pass on those.

Is cricket popular down under? I always thought that was more a British/Indian/Pakistani/South African thing.

Indeed cricket seems quite popular also down under Rpaege though I don't think as much as the others.

Take for example some feedback on the historic Melbourne Cricket Ground with its first match with public seating in 1854 and used for far more than cricket since 1933:

[url=] ... nd#Cricket[/url]

Otherwise for sake of all things football in Australia with its four codes with professional leagues to include the AFL (Australian Rules Football or Aussie [pronounced like 'Ozzie'] Rules), the ARU (rugby union), the NRL (rugby league), and the A-League (soccer), here is an article about the ransacking of rugby union players for the more popular (and in my opinion highly dull) rugby league action down under:

[url=] ... 125ba.html[/url]

By comparison the top players in the NRL make as much or more than many of the special teamers and undrafted free agents in the NFL but not near as much as the high draft picks and most of the positional starters and backups (for now, just wait for the re-shuffling coming after the tough negotiations for which both sides don't want to give in to the economics affecting them both negatively).

However it appears many more NRL players than these make as much or more than the top salaries in the CFL.