CFL fans, I need help!

I've got quite a dilemma on my hands.

You see, from the 26th to the 30th of November, I will be in Burlington, Vermont to enjoy the company of many friends I haven't seen in awhile. I made these plans awhile back, and it didn't me that THE GREY CUP IS ON THE 28th! I know there's plenty of American fans of the CFL, so I'm sure there's a way to watch the big game. But I just need to get the details.

Does anyone know what American channel it would play on? Or perhaps if it could be watched live right from the TSN website or something? I will be bringing my laptop with me, so worst comes to worst, I'll plug in an HDMI cable into the TV and watch it on the big screen there.

Please, someone alleviate my distress!

Don't be so sure that you'll find the game on a US station. A few years back I was in FL when the game was being played and my buddy who lives just outside of Orlando was convinced we'd be able to find the game on some satellite station. Nope.
Had to rely on updates from the CFL site (no streaming video at that time).

If I were you I'd plan on being ready with your internet solution... just in case.

I doubt will allow you to watch from the US because ESPN has the American rights. You may be SOL if you want to see it live. If you can wait until you get home TSN will have it archived. The 2009 Grey Cup was available for streaming for months after the game.

Games can be streamed from in the US if you have the right internet service provider.

Haven't read it yet, but this might help you out

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You can buy a slingbox, hook it up to your TV back in Canada, and connect to it with your laptop from anywhere. The quality will depend on how good of a connection you have on both ends though.

Actually, I have the same problem, only I'll be in the Dominican for a friend's wedding. We're hoping we'll get a US feed and can watch it, if not we'll try streaming and if that doesn't work, well I guess I'll have to check in the play by play from the beach, which will be such a hardship.

Every game will be on You can stream it from anywhere as long as you have a reasonably fast connection.

They usually show the Grey Cup on the Versus Network. It's the one with all the NHL games.

Actually, I think NFL network is showing it this year.