CFL fans how come we don't have...


I think its time we had our own game. We have a fun and exciting league so whats going on??
Has Commisioner Cohen even explored this yet?? Let's make it happen guys!!


I wish.

There was a guy who was looking to make one but couldn't secure any rights.

If they make one for the Xbox 360 i'll buy it in a heart beat. Probably pre order it at that.

How many threads do we need on a Video Game or on an Expansion ?

Guys, use the search function there are at least 50 threads on each......

I took your advice on searching for a thread on a CFL video game and GUESS WHAT??
This was the ONLY thread to show up!!!!
If you don't want to help get this going that's cool but if you are don't want to read another thread on a video game, DON'T CLICK ON THE THREAD...

Now let's get our video game!!!


Eventually I suspect the CFL will simply be included into the Madden franchise. Maybe not imminent but eventually that's what will likely happen.

If it ever happens, not likely, it'll be DLC for a major game.

I'd much rather see Grey Cups on DVD/Blu-Ray first. Most would enjoy that more I think.

Because AAA video game budgets cost tens of millions of dollars and the market for a CFL game isn't big enough to recoup that?

Unless you want a low-budget indie game this is not happening. It'd make more sense for the CFL office to get in touch with EA about adding a CFL mode to Madden, given that EA's done that in the NHL games for some other leagues.

It's been discussed,


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I think the CFL has tried to get incorporated into Madden, but EA wants to gouge them.

The game was developed but it didn’t pass QA because of one major bug. Buck Pierce would get injured on the first play of every game. The game programmers spent months but could never figure out how to fix this bug. So the game was scrapped.

I used to have a CFL electronic game. The board was a CFL field that would vibrate, causing the players to move. They were way further ahead technology wise in the 60's. Who needs video, they can't even send a man to the moon now. Video schmideo. :cowboy:

I had one of those back in the 60's also; the players were yellow (Hamilton) and red (Calgary).

I killed too many brain cells in the 70's, don't have a clue what the teams were. Knowing my family, we would have painted the Hamilton ones Green and Gold. Battle of Alberta every night.

I named them Hamilton and Calgary because of the colours. Mind you I think Montreal back then wore red at home games too. For the 70's; I don't think I was trippin about like Syd Barrett of early Floyd.

My brother and I had one of those games back in the '70s as well. Teams were Winnipeg and Calgary. Remember you got a little plastic Grey Cup with it as well, was pretty cool. Also got a random CFL poster (ours was of the Tiger-cats) with the game. Those were the days.

BTW, there is a computer game that lets you play Canadian football (let’s you play American and Arena football as well, and you have the options of altering the rules to practically anything you like and play your own unique brand of football if you like). It’s called Maximum Football (v. 2.0) by Matrix Games (and Wintervalley). It comes with 3 stock leagues set up, but you can set up your own. So if you want a CFL leauge it’s quite easy to set up using the Canadian rules stock league as a template (very easy to change team logos using any simple graphics program, like Windows Paint).

That will probably be the closest you’ll get to a CFL game right now.

I am fairly confident a Madden game could be easily modified. You would not be starting from scratch. If I recall correctly it was stated that 45 000 games needed to be sold to make it worth while, which I think would happen.

You also have to convince EA to do it, and 45,000 units sold is not a large number to them. It's also not as straightforward as it sounds because you have to change the field dimensions, add another player to the field, and then the doozy: make the AI understand how to handle that new guy and the rules changes. It's not a one-person over a couple of weeks job, as opposed to when EA was convinced to add female custom players to NHL 12.

That's why it hasn't happened yet. They likely want the CFL to subsidize the development cost.